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Branded Wings & Midnight Run by S.I. Hayes - Book Blitz

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Branded Wings & Midnight Run
by S.I. Hayes
Release Blitz
Paranormal Romantic Erotica

Guardians of Grigori, Book 2

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The Story Continues….

Following the events of Fated
, Siegfreid Rembrandt must
traverse the halls of Grigori University to uncover a plot to unravel the
deviant class, but a distraction in the form of a beautiful and Spirited new
classmate proves to be more than the Solitary Dragonborn can ignore. To have her he must put aside his callings,
face his past, and fight on nothing more than a wing and a prayer.

Guardians of Grigori, Book 1.5

Gage Louvell has just arrived in Wyoming for a Summer long festival.
Werewolves fly in from all over the country to attend this event and the young
wolf finds himself alone and full of trepidations, he wants to be part of the
community, be accepted. He's about to find out just what it takes to meet those

From Paranormal Drama to Erotic Romance S.I. Hayes dips her
fingers deeply into the pools of literature while supporting her fellow authors
and hosting several blogs and her own website.

In her own words…

I have a mind that is easily distracted and prone to wandering.
Tangents are my forte, and if you think my characters are going to fit a cookie
cutter shape of any kind, think again. They live, they love, they eat, sleep
and f**k. I believe that people are inherently sexual creatures and my
characters be they human or something altogether else are no exception.

I don't adhere to a single genre, I toe the line on several and
wouldn't presume to be a master of any. So I suppose you could call me a

I am a truth seeker, in my life, in my work. I’d apologize for it,
but I kinda cannot help m’self. It is my best and worst personality trait, well
mostly, being Bi-Polar I guess you could say that is the worse. But I believe
that the disorder has made me, well... Me.

I have taken this life and twisted, carved, shaped and molded it
in to the worlds of my characters. Albeit with a chainsaw, and it has made all
the difference.

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