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Duality by J. Kowallis - Book Review

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Blurb book 3 - Duality:
Trust No One.
In this world, nothing is as it seems . . .

Reggie’s visions turn to horrifying hallucinations. For weeks she’s tortured with starvation and nightmares that vex her resolve. Her only companion is a mysterious shadow—a figure with no shape, no substance—that seems to have a mind of its own. It’s a presence that prickles her memories and plants a feeling of familiar dread in her mind.
Where she is, she doesn’t know, and the organization delving into her mind is more threatening than ever before.

With the help of shady contacts from his past, Nate struggles to travel half way around the world, facing his own demons and dreadful revelations. But when a stranger joins the team, the duality of this newcomer's actions sets everyone on edge, leading them through a trial one of them . . . will not survive.
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My Review
  Duality is the third book in the Enertia Trials series, and if you haven't read Afterimage or Encender, you definitely need to do that before tackling this book. Otherwise, nothing at all will make sense to you. Trust me on that one.

Duality starts off pretty crazily, and it just gets even more insane from there. I want to say so much about the plot, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who may stumble across this review without having read the other two books, or without having finished this book. All I can say is that the action and intensity have been elevated. It's all about the build-up in Duality. What will happen next? You'll be flying through the pages, eager and anxious, desperate to get to the end. But once you get there... Oh, boy... The ending was not what I was expecting at all. I felt rage and sadness, and I wanted to throw my Kindle out the window. That's a good thing, by the way. I love when books make me feel like that. I'm a weirdo.

You also get to meet a few new characters in Duality, but only one of them really matters. I definitely can't say anything about this character, though, because it would spoil too much. Just know that this character is the reason I felt the emotions I mentioned above.

I am now impatiently waiting the final book, feeling uncontrollably (and unexplainably) excited about it. I NEED to know what happens. I can't even handle it.

Overall, Duality is one giant "holy sweet babies, Batman!" experience that will leave you emotionally wrecked and unable to think of anything else, at least for a day or so. You'll be anticipating the last book with every fiber of your being. That's how good it is. 5 very well-deserved stars!

Other Books in the Series

Blurb book 1- Afterimage:Reggie’s dreams . . .
aren’t dreams.

Visions of the future flood her mind like shards of broken puzzles. Caged in her cell, every morning begins the same. She’s drugged, tortured, and images are torn from her memory by Public One.

Until the morning everything changes. The vision is different. The future’s never been about her, and now she knows they’re coming for her:


How will she convince them to keep her alive when Nate, their leader, doesn’t like or even trust her? To him, she’s a science experiment. A machine.

When Public One will do anything to keep her, Reggie must make a decision: remain a slave to her past, or risk her future to venture into a world more terrifying than she’s ever known.

Blurb book 2 - Encender:
They say you feel cold when you die.
The people I’ve killed would beg to differ.

For twenty-something Ransley, the adopted daughter of famed street fighter Estevan Benitez, fighting is all she knows. One hidden detail separates her from the endless string of her pathetic opponents: she can craft and influence heat and fire.

When she’s pitted against the strongest fighters at the infamous Argolla, Ransley faces something she never expected:

A man like her.

Roydon can duplicate himself. When the two collide in the ring, a chain of deals turns Roydon over to Public Four and he’s taken away to undergo the disturbing process of the Nexis. What it is, or what it does, no one outside of The Public knows.

Driven by guilt and a desire to release the only person she’s ever met who’s like her, Ransley isn’t about to leave him for dead—not when he might hold the answers to her missing past. Now she must trust a pair of strangers: a former military man out to collapse the system, and a woman whose premonitions could tear them all apart.

Author Bio:
J. Kowallis, the only girl of four children, grew up in northern Utah with a head full of wild stories (most often unreal). At the age of 9, she wrote her first poem, a dedication to E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. It was so intriguing, her third grade teacher requested to keep the original. Between living in various fictional worlds, and spending time on her studies, she managed to graduate from Weber State University’s creative writing program. She now lives in Utah with her Mini Schnauzer, Etta, and spends most of her time still bouncing between this world and the fantastical while enjoying delectable über-dark chocolate and lavender baths. She enjoys dreaming about, flying to, and writing about distant lands (real or unreal).

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