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Dark Fey Series by Cynthia Morgan - Book Tour + Giveaway

Welcome to mythical, enchanted forest of Jyndari and the Village of Hwyndarin where The Fey of the Light, who are Light loving Fey, reside. 
Where there is Light there is also darkness and the Fey of the Light live in careful vigilance, protecting themselves from the Dark Fey, known by many names, such as the Fallen, the Dark Ones, and most particularly The Reviled, who live in a realm of darkness and shadow known as the Uunglarda. 
Although their two realms exist in close proximity, most Fey of the Light have never seen an actual Dark Fey and many Dark Fey only encounter very young Fey of the Light; yet crossings and abductions happen every day. 
As their temples are desecrated, homes are pillaged and plundered, and the peaceful tranquility so important to the Fey of the Light is repeatedly shattered, the Fey Guard stand as protectors. They are mighty in battle and fierce in their vigilance to protect the fragile balance of life for the peaceful Fey of Light. 
All Fey are born with special abilities, or gifts, such as telepathy, empathy, discernment, or the ability to dream walk. Many also have a gift of magic, though not all, such as spell-casting, enchantment, light bending or element wielding. While the Fey of the Light are beautiful and live harmoniously, the Reviled Fey are the opposite; they revere darkness and fill their lives with cruelty and evil, but all Reviled Fey begin their lives as Fey of the Light. The change comes only if they are abducted as childfey and forced to undergo the Integration, a process of intentional neglect and cruelty designed to twist them away from the Light.
This level of horror is not incorporated into the Dark Fey Trilogy simply for the sake of it. One does not need to open the pages of a book to discover the unthinkable, as the darkness typically embodied in fantasy genre stories by some terrifying being or creature is very much alive in our own reality and this is the underlying motivation for the darkness woven into Dark Fey.   It was based in great part on the terrifying, yet true-life events of the Lord’s Resistance Army or LRA, a rebel militant group in Uganda that has for over 20 years abducted children from their homes; forcing them to commit horrifying acts of violence against each other and their own people. These children suffer a very real Integration and, like the childfey of Jyndari, they endure violence and cruelty at the hands of truly sadistic overlords.  This is how the Reviled came to life and became the horrifyingly cruel beings depicted in Dark Fey. 
This story shares the Power of Hope, Acceptance and Forgiveness through the ideal that you can change the world, if you take Positive Action to Create Change through doing what is Right.  
Many times during your journey through the Dark Fey Trilogy, you will encounter words that seem to be capitalized for no apparent reason; yet, it should be noted, these capitalizations are anything but random. They mark either proper nouns, such as Fey of the Light, the Temple, Fey Guards, the Reviled, or the Light, which is not simply a glimmering of illumination, but a connotation that is highly important in the spirituality of Fey. If a word holds specific meaning, it may also be capitalized, such as See, Know, or Understand. You may encounter such words when they are in reference to a Fey gift, such as telepathy, empathy, or discernment, and they carry significant weight so, in order to emphasize their importance, capitalization is used.
Join me as we embark into this realm of Light and Dark. Allow your imagination take over as you experience the Jyndari forest and The Fey of the Light's struggle with The Reviled. Let the Light reach outward from these pages and draws you into on a journey that promises to change your way of thinking.

The Reviled
Dark Fey Book 1
By Cynthia Morgan 

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

In the mystical realm of Jyndari, a relationship blossoms between two unsuspecting, yet kindred souls.
Ayla, a Light-loving Guardian of Childfey, hides more than a few secrets — ones which isolate and set her apart from the rest. Yet Ayla’s veiled confidences entice one who lurks in the shadows. Silent and watchful, this dangerous presence knows all too well the secrets she wishes kept hidden.
The Darkness-revering Fey bids his time, waiting for the ideal moment to step away from the shadows and reveal himself to Ayla. But doing so will irrevocably alter the course of their lives, and shatter both their worlds.
Brimming with magic and mystery, beauty and enchantment, The Reviled is a fantasy novel like no other; an adventure for both mind and spirit.

On sale for .99 from Dec 19th- 25th!!!

Standing in Shadows
Dark Fey Book 2

After escaping captivity, Gairynzvl has been rescued by the Light-loving Fey. Now, he wants to return into the dark realm of The Reviled and rescue the innocent childfey trapped there.
But it will take strength, courage and more than one Fey to breach the borders of The Uunglarda, and to slip past the legions of Dark Fey who abide there. The daring mission will shake the foundations of everything The Fey of The Light have accepted as truth for thousands of years, but Gairynzvl knows the secret ways in and out of the dark realm.
Slipping into the darkness through darkness is easy; escaping with the childfey is another matter. Should they be captured, his band of liberators will pray for death long before it comes. Even is success, their deeds could spark a full scale war, unleashing the barbaric hatred and viciousness of The Reviled upon the peace-loving Fey of The Light.

Will the Fey of the Light risk a savage war in order to rescue the innocent childfey, and who are prepared to join Gairynzvl's quest to the realm of shadows and fear?

Darkness lay thick and unyielding like a heavy mantle smothering from every direction at once.  Pungent and prodding, the intense murk was sooty with the condensing smoke of a thousand fires, which was the only source of light permitted in the, otherwise, bleak city.  As it curled in the streets and avenues, turning frequented ways into misleading paths that made even those most familiar with them turn about more than once to reorient themselves, layers of damp mist leached downward from the leaden sky.  Out of the dimness that poured from the ashen buildings and sank from above, voices of discontent and misery echoed insidiously.   Unmistakable cries of torment serrated the dense atmosphere; yet, from those same environs, delirious laughter also scathed into the brooding night, confusing the ear and twisting the heart with uncertainty and dread. 

The city was rank with a petulant odor; sour and reeking from sulfur, which burned in the widespread grates as the city’s chief source of light and heat. Drawing close in order to soothe the soul and extract some meager warmth or find any sense of direction meant breathing in the malodorous stench that twisted the stomach until it could be born no longer, chasing the one seeking momentary solace back into the shadows.  There was little warmth in the darkness; an unshakable, seeking chill melted through clothes regardless of the protection of layers.  In the burgeoning gloom, buildings pressed together in misaligned, shoddy workmanship, some leaning precariously or half fallen in tatters and on every street raucous taverns and brothels tainted the air with lascivious noise and drunken abandon.

Through the curling shadows and dusky fog, a willowy, silent figure moved; draped in darkness that reflected the dimness around it and intensified the obscuring confusion of shade it seemed to carry along with it as it stole silently down the street.  Muffled by the thick smog that twisted in the air, the form made no sound whatsoever, but drifted past the beetling shoppes and foul brothels like a ghost brazenly wandering through the haze.  None who passed this cloaked figure took notice of it; no heads turned as it paused at the corner beneath a spluttering lamp of burning, sulfurous, gas; not a single bystander gazed in its direction as it moved silently down the narrow street towards the edge of town and when it turned the corner, disappearing into the blackness like a shadow melting into graying twilight, no trace of its passage was left behind.

Turning the darkened corner, the ebon shadow paused, the silhouette of its garments contracting as if the figure were doubling over and a muffled sound, like that of despair, slipped outward into the murk.  Silence greeted this hushed cry; yet, as if in echo, a child’s wail pierced the heavy gloom.  The keening sound was not close by, yet it pealed through the dismal atmosphere like the sharp clangor of a tolling bell and all who heard it shrank, stifling the evidence of such misery in whatever escape lay close at hand:  the amber spirits contained within a bottle, the glittering secret injected directly into veins, or the fleeting, wanton embrace that left a deeper yearning than what it satisfied.

As the half seen figure stood motionless, the piteous sounds of the city gathered around it like moths drawn to an open flame, demanding to be noticed in spite of the listener’s desire for deafness.  Reality in the Uunglarda was caustic as acid and burned just as deeply, compelling the figure to move hastily onward in spite of its slowed pace.   

Book Three- Breaking into the Light 

coming soon!

Character Interview
A Friend and fellow Author recently invited me to do a character interview with one of my characters from Dark Fey and after much consideration, I decided it should be Veryth.  Although he is a supporting character in the trilogy, his contributions are vital to the story and, indeed, the Fey with whom he interacts.  His influence is gentle, yet powerful and, although he would never step forward of his own volition, being entirely good-natured and humble of spirit, I couldn't resist giving him some much deserved attention.  I hope you may enjoy discovering more about him and do please feel free to share what you think and if you have any additional questions about/for him. 
Hello Veryth, Thank You for taking time out of your busy schedule at the Temple to speak with us and tell us about yourself I am honoured.
What are you passionate about? -  I am a Healer whose focus is Counseling.  I follow a creed of Guide Gently, Lead Quietly, Extol Empoweringly, which allows me to help others help themselves. This is the deepest aspiration of my spirit and fulfills my purpose.
In most times, what would someone find you doing?  I reside at the Temple so I may be close to the Healing Wards at all times. If any fey is in need, I am available to give assistance, offer support, suggest guidance or simply to listen.  This is what I love doing and you rarely find me amidst any other activity, although I do enjoy reading and quiet walks, as they allow me to refocus my energy and settle my mind.
Please tell us, who are you really. What do you look like, where/when are you from, what would you say is your biggest strength, biggest weakness?   I am a Fey of the Light who is old enough to have been unified to my beloved, who bore us a beautiful daughter; young enough to still connect with the youth of the village and vibrant enough to play an active role in our community. I am of an average height for a malefey at 5’10” with a healthful physique, dark blond hair, deep green eyes (from which my name was inspired), and typical, broad, white-feathered wings.  My beloved insisted I am handsome as well as kind of spirit and wise beyond my years, but my humility normally does not permit me to boast such things.  I was born and raised in the village Hwyndarin, where I am happy to make my home among the Fey I care about so deeply.
My strongest skill is an ability to remain calm even in the most intense situations, which I am able to share with others through my gift of Empathic Transference, which is the ability to share my emotions with others.  This same gift, however, also presents the most challenges. It has taken most of my life to hone this gift and learn how to govern it, because, as you might imagine, such a skill could unintentionally overwhelm another or be utilized with cruel or unkind intent.
What is the most important thing to you?  Helping others.  It is what my essence drives me to do and what gives me a sense of accomplishment and purpose.
What irks you the most?  I have a reasonably even temperament; not much irks or irritates me, however, I would be untruthful if I said the heartless cruelty of the Reviled and their unthinkable need to inflict harm does not, at times, make me wish I had more of a warrior nature.
What delights you the most?  Seeing positive change, whether in the life of an individual whom I or another Healer may have aided or through the actions of a group, such as the Liberators, led by the Fierce One, Gairynzvl.
What is one thing that you want us to know about you?  Though I do not often speak of such a heart-rending loss, the reason I chose to dedicate my life to helping others was inspired, in no small part, by the help I received (from Healers and Counselors) after the Reviled stole both my beloved and our only child from me.  It took much time to recover from such an unspeakable injury, not only to my heart but also my spirit, but I learned much through the loss and grief, and the challenges I faced to try to set my life to some useful purpose. I cannot help, now, believing that the darkness, which steals into all of our lives at some point or another, is there to challenge us to become more than we are at that moment.  It is an opportunity to make a change, a positive change, that can and often will not only effect our own life, but the lives of those around us.  At least, in my case, this is true.
Where can we find you?  I am usually to be found in the precincts of the Temple and play an active, although gentle, role in the entire Dark Fey Trilogy.
Thank You, Veryth, for sharing your Inspiring story with us.  I hope these few insights will help others understand your vital Purpose better.  You honour me generously.  It is I who Thanks You.

Cynthia A. Morgan is the creator of the mythical realm of Jyndari and author of the epic fantasy Dark Fey Trilogy, which is based, in part, upon the true-life events surrounding the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda and draws readers into a mystical realm of primordial forests, magic and the lives of Light-loving and Darkness-revering Feykind. Not to be confused with pixies or “Tinkerbell” type fairies, the feyfolk of Jyndari are winged beings the size of any human who live in a realm where tradition, magic, and spirituality are fundamentals of everyday life. 

Dark Fey has earned many 5 stars reviews, including one of the leading industry review organizations, Readers Favorite. Dark Fey The Reviled was also awarded the New Apple Literary Agency 2016 Book Award for Excellence in Fantasy. Compared to a fantasy version of a play by Shakespeare, Dark Fey is a brutally beautiful story of Love, Hope, and finding Peace in the Darkness. Published by Creativia Publications in January 2015, Dark Fey is already among the top #50 in several Fantasy genre categories on Amazon.

Morgan is also the author of the popular blog “Booknvolume” where her ever-increasing number of followers are regularly treated to Morgan’s own brand of poetry, English Sonnets, and musings about life. She is a current member of the Poetry Society of America; is ranked among the top authors on the Independent Author Network; has had poetry published on numerous poetry websites and is rapidly becoming an Author to keep your eye on. 

Some of her other interests includes a deep love for animals and the environment. She is passionate about music and theatre; is frequently heard laughing; finds the mysteries of ancient times, spirituality, and the possibilities of life elsewhere in the cosmos intriguing. Morgan Believes in the power of Love, Hope and Forgiveness, all of which is reflected in her lyrically elegant writing style. 

You can find Morgan through social media in the following places:

Dark Fey The Reviled has been nominated for the Golden Book Annual Awards for Fantasy and is now a Semifinalist!!!!
Help the author out and vote for it!!

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