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Love Connection by Meghana Sarathy - Book Blitz

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Title: Love Connection

Series: Love Connection Series #1

By: Meghana Sarathy

Publication Date: July 20, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance


I have a boyfriend, but he was never just my friend

I have a best friend, he never became my boyfriend and he also has a girlfriend.

My heart is split into two parts where each part beats for a different person

I want to spend most of my time with my boyfriend-Linden

But, every second spent with my best friend- Brandon, feels like a lifetime.

I want to see my Linden always smiling

But, Brandon always brings a smile on my face.

Linden breathes life into me

But, Brandon makes my heart to beat

I am Jennifer Collins. This is the story of my life. It's ugly, it's beautiful, it's filled with angst but the end is worth the turmoil.

You might like me, hate me, despise me or understand me

But you will get to live my story.

At last, I will ask you...........Will you be able to choose between the two?

Meghana V writes with the pen name Sagarika. She is from Bangalore, India. She is an avid reader. She mainly reads Adult and New Adult romance as well as dark and psychological thrillers. She plans on writing mainly for these Genres.

She spends most of her free time reading, writing or watching anime. Depending on her mood, she tends to write two to three books at a time. She is a crazy fan of Dragonball Z and can be seen watching the episodes in repeat. Vegeta is her all time favourite character.

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