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Strike a Match by Lindzee Armstrong - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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"Lindzee Armstrong is the #1 bestselling author of the No Match for Love series and Sunset Plains Romance series. She's always had a soft spot for love stories. In third grade, she started secretly reading romance novels, hiding the covers so no one would know (because hello, embarrassing!), and dreaming of her own Prince Charming.

She finally met her true love while at college, where she studied history education. They are now happily married and raising twin boys in the Rocky Mountains.

Like any true romantic, Lindzee loves chick flicks, ice cream, and chocolate. She believes in sigh-worthy kisses and happily ever afters, and loves expressing that through her writing."

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When Kate’s abusive husband dies in a house fire, she only feels relief. Eighteen
months later, she’s ready to sweep up the fragments of her past and venture
back into dating—but this time with the help of a professional matchmaking
company. Surely Toujour can succeed where Kate has always failed and find her
the perfect man.

Taylor is a firefighter who’s tired of dousing infernos in his personal life.
Exhausted from a string of dysfunctional relationships, he turns to Toujour at
the prodding of a friend, hoping for an easier path to love. The last thing he
expects is to be matched with Kate, the intriguing widow he met on the night
her house burned. The problem is, she’s determined to leave behind any
connection to that awful night—and Taylor is a very overwhelming connection.

Past relationship fears and old habits threaten to tear them apart before they’ve
even begun. Can the ashes of their pasts hold their happily ever after?

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“So, how’ve you been?” Taylor asked.
Kate squinted, the feeling of familiarity sweeping over her again. It’d been so long
since she’d been on a first date that she couldn’t remember if this was a
typical conversation. “Um . . . Good, I guess.”

Taylor nodded, as though genuinely relieved by her answer. “That’s great. I’ve always wondered.”
Her stomach rumbled with nerves while her palms grew clammy. Something was very
wrong with this date. “I’m sorry,” Kate said, the words taking all her courage.
“Do we know each other?”
Taylor’s eyes widened, making her stomach tremble even more. “You mean you don’t
recognize me?”
“You look familiar, but I thought you just had one of those faces,” Kate said. “I’m
really sorry . . .”
“Oh man.” Taylor rubbed a hand over his strong jaw. “I don’t know why I didn’t
think of this. I assumed you knew and were okay with it. I recognized you from
your photo almost immediately.”
Kate should’ve given in to her fear and never stepped foot outside of the car. This
was beyond humiliating. Embarrassed tears prick at her eyes and she forced them
back. “You’ll have to forgive me. I don’t usually forget people like this.”
Taylor’s smile turned pained. “We met the night of the fire.”
The sounds of bowling balls smacking against pins dimmed as his blue shirt and
jeans morphed into full fire gear, a hat and jacket obscuring most of his
features. Bile rose in her throat and she clasped her hands together tightly to
hide the shaking. Out of all the men she could’ve been matched with, Brooke had
found the one Kate had never expected to see again.

She should’ve recognized him immediately. A wife shouldn’t forget the face of the
man who informed her she was a widow.

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