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Dirty Confessions by Jasmine Red - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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  Title: Dirty Confessions 

By: Jasmine Red

Publication Date: March 29, 2017

Genre: Erotic Romance



This is not a love story.

This is about a man and his obsession with a woman who’d he’d hurt long ago.

This is about his journey.

The sexual adventures he embarked on that led him away, and then back to her.

This is romance,

if it was lathered in lust and warm moans and whispered under silk sheets in a candle lit room.

This is not an orgasm.

It is multiple orgasms. The senses breaking free. The erotic flicker of a wet tongue against a stiff nipple. Fingers toying with clits. Moans riding cries of pleasures. Hard lengths sliding in lush treasures between hungry thighs.

This is not a romance.

It is a romance of lust.

Jasmine Red serves as a Secret Alter Ego for an author who wants to be nasty as hell.

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