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The X-Variant by Rosemary Cole - Book Review

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The X-Variant
Rosemary Cole
Publication date: April 7th 2017
Genres: Adult, New Adult, Science Fiction

This is a science fiction tale about a girl, a zombie apocalypse, and a mission back in time, coming out on Amazon in April 2017.

In 2079, a devastating synthetic virus is unleashed that destroys most of humanity. Over the following centuries, however, the virus evolves into a beneficial symbiont that enhances and interconnects its human hosts, and a new post-human race is born: the Unathi.

But in 2616, their peaceful utopia is violently disrupted when the symbiont begins to mutate into something terrible. Kala is one of those called upon to travel back in time to 2079 to change the course of the future. In a desperate attempt to save the future of humanity, Kala will face many hardships and perhaps even meet her own end, but she never dreams that it will one day turn her against even the ones she loves the most.

If she fails, it will be the end of all humanity forever.

If she succeeds, it will be the end of her.

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My Review
The X-Variant is definitely a wild ride through both a post-apocalyptic world and through time. The premise of the book intrigued me when I first read it, and I wanted to see how exactly the book would play out. I was definitely not disappointed.

The book starts with a bang, and then immediately changes things in the next chapter. It's a pretty unique way to begin, and I felt myself being drawn in right away. After the craziness at the very beginning, the book surges ahead to the year 2616 and sets the plot that will carry you through. Once Kala and the other characters travel back in time to 2079, the rest of the book stays there, playing out in all its complete and utterly insane glory. It's a beautiful thing to behold.

What starts as a mission to change the future ends up becoming a battle of morals; of good versus evil; of what it really means to be human.

I really, really enjoyed The X-Variant. It's got all the elements I like in a sci-fi story: time travel, apocalyptic themes, a mutated virus, etc. It's thrilling, and definitely worth reading.

The characters are all pretty great. Kala is the main one, and you feel a connection with her as she struggles to come to terms with what's being asked of her, and what she actually feels is the right thing to do. There are characters who start out as good people (they're Kala's friends), but by the end, you absolutely despise them. One in particular. I also felt a strong connection to the main human character (I think her name is Jenny, but I'm drawing a blank) because of her circumstances.

The plot is paced in a quick, but steady way, and you'll find yourself speeding through, eager to see what might happen next. By the end, I was an emotional wreck. Tears were shed, my heart was pounding, and I felt eager for more. I'm so looking forward to the next book!

If you like post-apocalyptic sci-fi with zombie-like creatures, then The X-Variant is definitely the book for you. I highly recommend it. 5 well-deserved stars!

Author Bio

Rosemary Cole was born in a small New England town. She has loved science fiction and fantasy since she was old enough to go to the library and take out a tall stack of books from the children's section. Since then she's been in many places around the world and done many things, but still loves working and playing with words. Her other interests are good food, good people, and the great outdoors, separately or together, and she spends whatever time she can indulging her strange obsession with postapocalyptic themes. Her first book, The X-Variant, a sci-fi novel about a girl, a zombie apocalypse, and time travel, is due out in early April. 

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