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Bad Uncle by Gillian Felix - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Bad Uncle
Family Portrait Book 5
Gillian Felix
New Adult Drama, Contemporary Fiction

Who needs enemies when you’ve got family
 The stars are aligned in Adriana’s favor, but secrets have a way of
exposing themselves just when everything is perfect. As Adriana and
Haze’s relationship heads south, Carys is ready to pounce. Will
Adriana’s lies drive the man she loves into the arms of another?
Meanwhile, Zax is finally with his dream girl, but why can’t he get his best
friend’s girl out of his mind? When she turns to him for advice on
how to be a better girlfriend, can he put his selfish desires aside,
or will he follow his siblings and take what he wants despite the
When Kevin’s lifestyle puts innocent L’Wren in danger, his retaliation
brings his ruthless uncle back to Los Angeles and into the lives of
his family. In Bad Uncle, you’ll get to know the man who has the
power to change the legacy of the Banovic family forever.
For Readers 18+, Can easily be read as a standalone!

Haze sat in his car outside of the high school that Adriana attended. He was early and classes were still in session. It made sense to him why she didn’t want to tell her parents about them. He’d also sensed that she was hiding something, and now he knew. All those months she’d played him for a fool. She made him fall in love with her. What kind of sick game was she playing?
He went over their times together and wondered if she had been honest with him but he heard what he wanted. Was he so desperate that he imagined that she was older than she really was? The bell rang and the girls came out in their uniforms. He saw them scatter off in different directions; then he spotted Adriana. She was in uniform, her raven hair was in a single long braid down to her waist, and her blue eyes shone as she talked and laughed with one of the girls. Haze looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. She looked fifteen; why didn’t he see it before?
Her smile disappeared when she spotted his Toyota Rav4.
“Haze.” She looked in through the passenger window.
“Get in. Your dad sent me to pick you up,” Haze said icily without looking at her.
Adriana got in and sat quietly. She placed her books on her lap and buckled her seatbelt. Haze drove off without saying a word.

The tension in the air was so thick that Adriana felt that she couldn’t breathe.
“My love, I can explain,” Adriana said quietly.
“Don’t call me that.” Haze gritted his teeth. “Don’t EVER call me that!”
“I’m sorry, Haze.” Adriana felt her heart ripping out of her chest. She had never seen him so angry.
“You lied to me, Adriana! For months you fucked with my feelings for your own personal enjoyment.”
“I love you,” she cried.
“Shut up! You don’t know what love is! I fucking loved you, Adriana!” A tear rolled down his cheek. “I wanted a life with you! I wanted a future with you!” He slammed his fist on the steering wheel.
Adriana saw his knuckles turn white as he gripped the steering wheel.
“Did you laugh at me? Did you tell your little friends what you were doing to me? Did you tell them that I almost fucked you?”
“Don’t say it like that! You make it sound dirty!” Adriana wept openly.
“I’m a pervert or pedophile.” More tears rolled down Haze’s cheeks.
“I lied because I love you, and I was afraid that if you knew the truth, you’d leave me.”
“Yeah? Well, I guess you’re right about something.”
“Haze, please.”
“I don’t ever want to see you again, Adriana. When you get home, tell your parents I quit. Tell them why I quit; tell them YOU BROKE ME.” Haze pulled up to the curb in front of the gates of the manor.
“Haze, this can’t be over. Please, Haze, please try to understand,” Adriana pleaded. She tried to touch him, but he flinched.
“Get out.”
“I can’t, I don’t want this to be over. You have to believe that I love you. I love you more than anything.”
“GET OUT, Adriana!” he shouted.
“NO! I’m not leaving. I don’t care who knows.”
Haze got out of his car and started walking down the street. Adriana got out and ran after him.
“I love you, Haze, please!” she cried and Haze turned away.
She stepped in front of him and forced him to look at her. “I know you love me. I know what we have is real.”
“It was all a lie.”
She held on to him. “No, baby, it wasn’t. I promise I’ll be good. I’ll tell you everything. I’ll never keep anything from you. I promise.”
Haze pried her away from him. “I have to go.” He walked back to his car and Adriana watched him drive away. She sank to the sidewalk and sobbed.

Gillian Felix has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She
enjoys creating characters that could be your next-door neighbor, but
would you want them as your neighbor is another story.
Originally from the island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Felix moved to
the United States in 1998. Since then she has been involved in the
entertainment industry for over ten years. Her experience ranges from
script supervisor to production manager on many independent features.
She is trained in the Meisner and Stanislavski technique of acting,
which she credits as an asset to her character development and
Miss Felix is also an entrepreneur and advocate for children's and women's rights. 

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my book. This series is the love of my life and I appreciate any promotion in getting the word out. THANK YOU! I appreciate you.


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