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Snow by Krissy V - Book Blitz

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 Release Day Blitz  - Snow - Krissy V  

Author - Krissy V

Book - Snow

Event Date - 25th April

Hosted by Hooked on books & Cherry0Blossoms Promotions

Whiskey Sour, #2

Snow is an elegant, classically trained, ballet dancer and

has the potential to become a ‘Prima Ballerina’.

After coming home from a world tour to find that she has

been betrayed by the one person she loved the most, she has to start her life

all over again...

This time it’s not just herself she has to consider.

Spence is a hard, tough guy who is trying to change his life

for the better. He has been through a tough childhood and the last thing he

thinks he deserves is Snow. His beautifully elegant Snow.

Opposites really do attract!

When Snow has a chance meeting with Whiskey, she becomes

‘Whiskey Sours’ favourite girl.

Whiskey Sour, #1

The Sweet Girls of Whiskey Sour

Where The Girls Are Sweet, But Their Dancing Is Not!

Whiskey Sour is an unusual place for such a diverse group of women to

meet. It’s a very classy burlesque club in London’s Soho! You’ll find the most

amazing women whose dancing is sensual, sexual and beautiful. Each of them have

their own style and their own story to tell. You are invited to come along and

meet each of the ‘Sweet Girls of Whiskey Sour’ and find out the journeys they

have been on to become the women they are now.

Whiskey - First Book in Series

When Whiskey runs away from home she has no idea what will happen to her. She

goes through things that nightmares are made of, but makes ‘friends

for life’ along the way. Fed up of running away from everything, she decides to

stand up and be counted. Her philosophy is “What doesn’t kill you makes you


Sawyer Callahan has Whiskey for one night. That’s all it takes for him to fall

for this sassy, beautiful, sexy woman. What lengths will he go to to find her?

Will he find her in time? Will she want him if he does?

Follow Whiskey’s harrowing story as she embarks on her own Whiskey Sour journey

to become owner and the namesake of ‘Whiskey Sour’. She comes from the

school of hard knocks. She is sassy, headstrong and becomes a mentor and

confidante to her burlesque dancing protégés... 

Whiskey Sour is her salvation and it too, soon becomes a haven for women

who need rescuing from their own pasts.

WARNING: Due to sexual situations and adult content, this dark romance thriller

series is not intended for readers under the age of 18, and anyone who is

unable to read books containing, kidnapping, murder, rape, and extreme abuse.



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