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Kepler One: The Choosing by TP Keane - Book Blitz

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From award winning author TP Keane,
comes a gripping and dark young adult, science fiction/romance novel.

Zoe has only one chance to escape the
and being a lowly Tier Five is the least
of her obstacles

The story

The radiation on Earth is killing everyone Zoe
Ruthland cares about. After winning the Lottery, she is the only Tier Five
citizen given a chance to start over on a new planet. Seen as unworthy, a
criminal, many want to see her fail. Zoe must survive training, and the other
cadets, to secure her place on the Kepler One spacecraft. But something
sinister lurks behind the Government’s plans to save humankind and Zoe has no
idea that she is an integral part of it; that she is chosen for another reason.

The Book Trailer


“No, wait! That’s
not fair. Why should I have to stay when the likes of her get to go?” a boy in white screamed, pointing at me. “She’s
too thin and weak anyhow. Send her back to the filth she deserves to be in and
I’ll go in her place. She’s useless, all her kind are. That’s why they dress
them in grey, so they can blend in with the useless dirt. Shadow!”

The boy spat in
my direction, but his spittle didn’t reach me. Shadow was the nickname they
gave tier five citizens. I hated it. It meant that we weren’t real, we were
only shadows that appeared, made no difference to the world, then died in the
light of others more deserving.

All eyes were on
me, even Tristan’s. His dark stare raked over me as if to size me up, and he
didn’t look impressed. A heat rose in my cheeks and a nervous flutter started
in my stomach, but it wasn’t because of Tristan’s gaze. I could feel a fight
coming on; I had seen enough of them in my tier to recognise the beginnings,
but I was no good at fighting. I had received enough beatings to know that,

Tier Five was darker than I remembered.
Accustomed to the brighter lights of the higher levels, my eyes took a moment
to adjust. There wasn’t much to see. The corridors around the exit were
deserted. Too often the temptation of escape drew the desperate close, and it
was all too easy to make a bolt for the door when it was in line of sight. Most
tier fives stayed away to keep that temptation at a good distance. There was
also the pot-shots that the Tierless soldiers would sometimes take at a passing
citizen. Why not? Who would demand justice for a Shadow? Murder was common
here, and the temptation to dip one’s toe into sin was prevalent on both sides
of the doors. 

In the darkness, there was no pain, just peace,
emptiness, and quiet. It was soothing and devoid of everything that had made
life difficult. I wasn’t sure if my body floated right-way-up or swirled in
every direction, but I was aware of some movement even if I couldn’t pinpoint
it. There was no sensation of up or down, no colour or temperature, just the
peaceful nothingness that suspended me and caressed my skin in its viscous
I’d known this darkness before, in dreams
on tier five, but they had never been so visceral, so real. It occurred to me
to wonder how I’d gotten here, but the thought was soon forgotten as the peace
lulled me into a calmness. Drawn to an amity I’d never known, I didn’t want to
leave the darkness or question it. I didn’t want to return to that terrible
agony called life. Had I died? A small sadness fluttered in my chest. Jason
would be upset. Poor Jason, I
thought. I hope he . . . I hope . . .  
My thoughts melted out of my brain through
my ears and joined the darkness. I floated for what seemed like many hours in
the ambience, content to lose myself. But, like all good things that happened
to me, my peace didn’t last.
A low thud reverberated all around me, like
the deep warm tone of a timpani drum. It was followed by the lulling silence
again. The sound shifted and moved the darkness in a rippling wave which
reverberated through my being. I snapped to attention, straining my ears to
hear what had made the noise. Squinting into the nothing futilely, I tried to
see something other than the black, but I was alone as far as I could tell. 


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About the author

TP Keane was born in Galway, Ireland, and is the
middle child of seven. An atrocious student, she spent most of her school days
dreaming about fantastical adventures and terrifying monsters. In blatant
refusal to accept the adult she had become, TP Keane brought forth her mystical
worlds in the form of her first epic fantasy novel, The Paladins of Naretia,
which won first place in the Acclaimed Books writing contest, and her
children’s novel, Dear Bob, The Misadventures of Petunia Pottersfield, which is
also up for an award. 

More information about TP Keane and her other works   

can be found on her WEBSITE

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