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The Quantum Ghost by Jonathan Ballagh - Book Review

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On a cold autumn night, twelve-year-old Remi Cobb makes a startling discovery—a mysterious object floating on the pond in her backyard. With no idea where it came from, or how it got there, Remi is compelled to unravel its secrets. Her quest for answers takes her on a perilous journey across realities, where she finds a crumbling world—and the dark forces behind its ruin. Here she learns the truth about her connection with the strange object, and of those that will stop at nothing to destroy them both.

But even if she can find a way to survive, can she find a way home?

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My Review
The Quantum Ghost is kind of a sequel to The Quantum Door, but not really. It's more of a standalone that can be read without having read the first one. However, I would suggest reading The Quantum Door, just so things make more sense.

In The Quantum Ghost, you follow Remi Cobb as she discovers something strange in her pond. As soon as she picks it up, a whole new world opens up for her, but it's not one she's going to want to visit for long.

Two characters from the first book — Nova and Achilles — return in the second book. There is also the return of another character, but I don't want to spoil anything. The brothers — Brady and Felix — are mentioned, but not by name. If you're looking for them in this book, you may be disappointed.

The plot is steady and full of surprises. There are some interesting twists and turns, and you'll find yourself flipping eagerly through the pages to find out what, exactly, is going on. Who is the mysterious figure following Remi around? What is the Quantum Ghost? How is Remi going to get back to her own world when evil is out to destroy her, no matter the cost?

I rather enjoyed The Quantum Ghost. It wasn't as technical as the first book was, which I think is a good thing, especially for younger readers. I would have liked a little more with Remi and her family, but overall, it's a fantastic story for middle grade readers, and lovers of fantasy/sci-fi, no matter their age. I highly recommend it! 

Author Bio
Jonathan Ballagh is the author of the middle-grade Sci-Fi series, The Quantum Worlds. He has been writing software since he was five, created his first online game at fourteen, and has a deep love of all things A.I. and robotics. He currently lives in Virginia with his wife and three kids. Follow him on twitter @JonathanBallagh or visit his website

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