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Three Seconds to Legend Series by J.B. Garner - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Opening Bell
Three Seconds to Legend Book 1
J.B. Garner
Sports/Wrestling Romance, Adventure

Leilana Ito always knew her family had a long history in the wrestling world
but she never knew how much had been kept secret from her. Wanting to
continue her family's legacy in the ring, she was shocked when her
father adamantly refused to let her proceed. Unable to deny the
fighting spirit in her heart, Leilana did the unthinkable and defied
her father's wishes, having no idea what terrible series of events
she had begun.
Dana Harding was in the twilight of her wrestling career, striving for one
last chance at glory in the regional circuit. Despite juggling two
children as a single mother and the hard life of the road, Dana had
one last chance to win championship gold and thought she would do
anything to attain that. Every dirty trick in the book was on the
table, as long as it took place in the squared circle.
Now, in the heart of Oklahoma, the rookie with an unknown past hunting her
and the veteran heel with nothing to lose are about to meet in the
ring. Their clash will bind them and wrap them up in corporate
machinations, family rivalries, and secrets of the past coming back
to life to threaten both women and everything they hold dear.
In the midst of it all, will Leilana succumb to her family's past or
find the strength to follow her dreams? Will Dana stay the infamous
heel or discover something in her heart she didn't even know she had?

The Tale of the Tape
Three Seconds to Legend Book 2

Nothing remains constant in the tumultuous world of pro wrestling! On the eve
of their victory over the most powerful family in the wrestling
world, Leilana Ito and Dana Harding look forward to a bright future
but that perfect ending is snatched away when Leilana disappears.
Desperate to find her, Dana starts a country-wide search, spurred on
by both friendship and something stronger: love!
Meanwhile, Leilana faces a gauntlet of rigged matches, hidden spies, and
psychological torture as a 'guest' of the Von Richters in Los Vegas.
Trapped in a city where anything goes, money talks, and no one asks
questions, Leilana puts it all on the line in a ring where each match
could be her last.
The clock is ticking. Can Dana find the woman she loves before it's too
late? Can Leilana endure each deadly labor long enough to be saved?
Even if they find each other, will Dana find her love to be
reciprocated or unrequited?

The Twelfth Labor
Three Seconds to Legend Book 3

At the end of the championship quest, there lies the final match: The
Twelfth Labor!
Hardened by a gauntlet of challenges, wrestler Leilana Ito is a rookie no
longer as she nears her ultimate goal: completing her labors and
winning freedom from the Von Richter sisters, mistresses of the
wrestling world.
However, the storm is fiercest before the calm and Leilana's most dangerous
challenges lie ahead. Fearsome opponents, devious traps, and lies
from all sides threaten to put an end not only Leilana but her
friends and family. Joined by fellow wrestler and newfound love, Dana
Harding, and a motley alliance of allies, Leilana struggles on
towards her greatest fight, the final duel, the Twelfth Labor!
The Twelfth Labor is the no-holds-barred conclusion to the pro-wrestling
action/adventure drama of Three Seconds to Legend!

J. B. Garner was born in Baltimore, MD on December 1, 1976, the youngest
of three children. While still young, the family moved to Peachtree
City, GA. His parents always encouraged his creative side and J. B.
began writing and drawing from an early age. Though considered
talented by his teachers, he never fully applied himself and bounced
through high school and into college at the Georgia Institute of
Technology. During his freshman year, his father died suddenly.
Grief and lack of purpose caused J. B. to drop out of school. If not for a
few close friends, he might have dropped out of life as well. Taken
in by his friends and given a second chance, J. B. matured, applied
himself, and finally, after over a decade of hard work, is now back
to doing what he loves the most: writing.

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