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Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend by Cheryl Carpinello - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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I’m a retired high school English teacher. A devourer of books growing up, my
profession introduced me to writings and authors from times long past. Through
my studies and teaching, I fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval Worlds.
Now, I hope to inspire young readers and those Young-at-Heart to read more
through my Tales and Legends for Reluctant Readers set in these worlds.

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Even the Goddess doesn’t know who will Live or Die

“Think before acting,” her father always warned. But Princess Guinevere is
ruled by her heart. Her betrothal to King Arthur has not changed this.

When Guinevere and Cedwyn’s latest adventure takes a dangerous turn, they find
themselves embroiled in a life-or-death struggle as foretold by Merlyn’s
Goddess of the Stones 
Renegades—foiled in their attempt to kidnap the princess—steal the children of
Cadbury Castle to sell as slaves.

 Guinevere and Cedwyn vow to rescue the
children, but a miscalculation puts them all in more danger. The plan quickly
unravels, and Guinevere’s impassioned decisions come crashing down as Cedwyn
chooses to turn his dream of becoming a knight into reality.

Will their courage be strong enough to survive, or will one make the ultimate

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Snippet 1:

1. The Goddess Speaks:

Many trials await the two of you. Perhaps the hardest are the ones you
will have to endure alone.
“You, Guinevere, will find yourself lost. You—who are destined to be a
great queen—will have to traverse a journey of immense pain and self-doubt. You
must let your inner feelings guide you. The journey will be hard and painful.
You must summon the courage of your soul to sustain you.
“You, Cedwyn, faithful friend of the princess and the queen. Your
journey may be the hardest of all. You will be sent far from those you serve
and love. Your duty will demand that you see this most difficult journey to its
end. Whether it be death or life for you will depend upon many things. Your
courage must also come from deep within your soul for one so young. Your love
of family and friends must be great. But greater still must be your loyalty to
the knight’s duty. For your knight’s vow comes soon. You must embrace it. You
must defeat the temptations to turn aside for your own safety.

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