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Gulf Coast City by David Lloyd - Guest Blogger Book Review

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After witnessing a brutal attack on his sister, aspiring young pastor Jacob Carmichael is troubled by why there is so much evil in the world. His journey of self-discovery takes him out of the comfort of his small town in South Carolina, to Gulf Coast City, Florida. Rather than a safe place to begin a new life, Gulf Coast City proves to be a town steeped in human trafficking, greed and vice.

Jacob is swept up into an underworld of depravity he hadn’t known existed. As he becomes acquainted with criminals and their victims, his first instinct is to rescue those who are being destroyed. But first, he needs to come to terms with his own desires, sobriety and crumbling faith.

When beautiful Karina from Belarus arrives, Jacob’s life becomes hopelessly complicated. Just when he realizes he’s fallen in love with her, she becomes the prey of the human traffickers who are destroying so many lives. Will Jacob be able to find the courage necessary to take a stand against them? And if he does will it be in time to save Karina?

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a great book!
It follows a guy named Jacob who goes to Gulf Coast City, Florida, after his sister is killed. He ends up working for a job agency that is run by a guy who starts out nice, but ends up being a gambler.
He is thrust into a world of strippers, sex, greed, lies, and as he tries to help the girls that come to the city, he finds himself trapped with no way out.
Does he live or die? Get out or lose everything? Read on to find out.
5 stars! 

Author Bio
David Lloyd was born in Warrington, England but grew up in Summerville, South Carolina. He attended Francis Marion University and has a Bachelor of Business Administration. After selling his employment agency, David moved as far south as he could. He is now in his fifties, happily married and enjoying life in Southwest, Florida.

David enjoys tennis and writing. He recently finished his first novel called Gulf Coast City which was influenced from running an employment agency that provided temporary staff for anything from hotel housekeepers to exotic dancers and everything in between.

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