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Restless Spirits & Kindred Spirits by Jean Marie Bauhaus - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Veronica “Ron” Wilson has her whole life behind her. At least, that’s what she comes to realize soon after waking up in the mysterious house she had come to investigate. A paranormal investigator by trade, Ron now finds herself investigating her own death with the help of a handful of helpful friendly ghosts -- and one who’s just a pain in the rear-end. Unfortunately, being dead doesn’t keep Ron from noticing that he also possesses quite the nice rear-end or from tingling in ways that almost make her feel alive whenever he’s near….

As if unwanted afterlife crushes weren’t bad enough, Ron soon discovers that she and her fellow ghosts aren’t the house’s only inhabitants. They’re all at the mercy of an entity named Sarah, who looks like a cute and innocent kid, but is in fact the reason each and every one of them died. Now Sarah keeps them prisoner and makes them her playthings, until she gets tired of them and… well, it turns out you can kill someone who’s already dead. Or at least Sarah can.

With the help of her still-living sister, a psychic medium who can talk to the dead, Ron and her ghostly housemates must unlock all of the mysteries that the house has to offer and find the way to defeat Sarah once and for all. Only then will they be free to move on to the other side. But is Ron really ready to go, especially now that she knows there’s a lot of living to do after death?

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Jennifer's Review 
Restless Spirits is a great book that follows Chris and her sister Veronica as they investigate a haunted house. While alone in the house, Veronica aka Ron for short, encounters a vengeful spirit of a young girl who kills her. As she learns to cope with her new ghost self, she learns of other ghosts trapped in the house held prisoner by the vengeful spirit named Sarah. Veronica and her sister try to uncover the mystery of what happened to Sarah. Can they stop her before she kills anyone else? Read this book to find out. 5 stars!!!

When crime reporter Derek Brandt paints ghost whisperer Christine Wilson as a charlatain on the nightly news, her sister Ron, an actual ghost, is incensed. Defying her sister's wishes, Ron takes it upon herself to haunt the skeptical journalist and turn him into a true believer. But Ron gets more than she bargained for when she discovers Derek is already haunted--by the ghost of his murdered brother, Jimmy.

After spending years watching over his kid brother with no way to communicate, Jimmy is ready to do whatever it takes to get through to him so he can move on to his final rest. Ron is happy to help, but they need Chris in order to relay Jimmy's message to Derek. Only problem is, despite all evidence to the contrary, Derek is still convinced Chris is a fraud. And after what he did to her reputation, Chris isn't exactly filled with warm feelings for Derek, either.

Can the Wilson sisters help Jimmy break down Derek's resistance and accept that his brother is still present and in need of help? And can Chris and Derek put aside their mutual distrust for Jimmy's sake? If they do, they just might find that enemies can turn out to be kindred spirits.

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Jennifer's Review
Kindred Spirits is a great book that continues to follow a “psychic” named Chris and her ghost sister. It is the 2nd book after Restless Spirits. It follows Chris who, after hearing a bad report on her life, falls in love with the man who reported it on live TV. He is also trying to uncover who killed his older brother. A great mystery novel! Highly recommended to those who love ghost stories with a twist of romance thrown in. I give it 5 stars!!!

Author Bio
Jean Marie Bauhaus is a red-headed GenXer who speaks with a twang that attests to her Northeastern Oklahoma upbringing. She developed a passion for good storytelling at an impressionable young age, and today channels that passion into writing romance and fantasy novels.

A freelance blogger and book editor by trade, Jean is addicted to yarn, dark chocolate, and even darker coffee. She makes her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband, Matt, their Chihuahua Pete, two cats, and a grumpy box turtle. Jean blogs about faith and overcoming life's challenges at Daydream Believer ( Connect with her at her website,, on Facebook, and on Instagram @jmbauhaus.

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