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Seeds of Eden by A.P. Watson - Book Tour + Giveaway

Seeds of Eden
A.P. Watson
(The Concilium, #1)
Publication date: January 25th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
Haunted by visions of the execution of an innocent man, Evey discovers that the secrets of her past and a mysterious stranger are irrevocably intertwined.
Visions of decapitated corpses, pools of blood, and a masked executioner have haunted Evey for as long as she can remember. Torn between a life in the waking world and dreams of the dead, she realizes her normal existence is nothing more than an illusion. As the veil between reality and her subconscious dissipates, she begins to question her own sanity. Each night as she closes her eyes, she wonders what wrongs she committed to warrant such a curse.
When a handsome stranger suddenly appears in Evey’s life, he is able to provide her with the answers she seeks. However, the only thing more mystifying than Conrad’s appearance in one of her nightmares is the undeniable attraction she feels for him. It is only when he confesses their fates and souls have been intertwined for centuries that an ancient secret is revealed. Now, the two of them must outrun a great darkness or it will claim their lives again.

 “I must have had that dream a thousand times, and until I met you, I thought I was losing my mind. I tried to rationalize the horrific things I saw every way possible and finally concluded I was just crazy.” I was tired of waiting; it was time for him to start talking. “And when you gave me this necklace, it fit into the dream too. I have it on when I watch you die.”
         “That’s rather depressing.”
         “See, there you go again with your jerk routine,” I replied in exasperation. “This necklace is the same one Isabella the First of Castile is wearing in a painting from our history book! How did you come to have a necklace that is nearly six hundred years old?”
         “The dreams you’ve been having aren’t really dreams.”
         “Oh really?” I replied, in my most sarcastic tone. “And what are they exactly?”
         His confession hit me like a ton of bricks. Instinctively, I tightened my grasp around the chains on the swing. “No, that’s impossible. How can I be having the memories of someone that was living almost six centuries ago?”
         “Because you aren’t seeing someone else’s memories, you're seeing your own memories.”
         I could feel the blood rushing in my ears. Somehow I knew my knees were giving out, but I was too stunned by his revelation to react. When I finally came back to reality, Conrad sat next to me, his hands caressing my face.
         “My memories?” I shook my head, not wanting to believe his confession.
         “Are you okay?” He scanned me from head to toe, searching for any indication of an injury.
         “I'm fine, but how can they be my memories?” I asked. “And how are you in them?”
         “They’re your memories, because you were there when everything happened, and I'm in them because I was too.”
         “I don’t understand,” I said, my eyes moistening. I wanted to push away from him, to release myself from his touch, but his gaze held me glued to the spot. At any moment the rational part of my brain would kick in and I'd make a run for it. But as the seconds ticked by, I realized there was nowhere else I wanted to be. He reached forward to brush a strand of hair off my face, letting his fingers trail along my skin.
         “Do you trust me?”
         “I don’t even know you.”
         “That doesn’t matter. Do you trust me?”
         “I don't know,” I answered reluctantly.
         “Evey, look at me; look in my eyes and tell me if you think I'm lying to you.”
         I stared into his eyes for what seemed like ages. “Okay,” I finally whispered. “I trust you.”
         “Well, then trust me when I say I want to tell you everything, and I will, but I can’t just yet.”
         “What do you mean you can’t?
         “I mean exactly that. It’s not time for me to explain everything to you, but it will be soon.”
         “Evey, trust me.” He leaned forward, softly pressing his lips to my forehead. Despite conventional thinking, I knew what he was telling me had some truth to it. My dreams had always seemed so real to me. Thinking they were memories made more sense than believing I was psychotic. I memorized every feature of Conrad’s face months before I ever knew he existed. How could I dream about a real person before I’d even met him?

Author Bio:
A.P. Watson grew up in the small, southern town of Estill Springs, Tennessee. Growing up in a rural town allowed her imagination to run wild, and Paige began making up stories in her head at a young age. This storytelling eventually transformed into a love of writing. She is currently penning her first trilogy, The Concilium Series, and is also planning to write four companion novellas to accompany it. She is an avid reader, enjoying a variety of genres and authors from Jane Austen to Charlaine Harris.
When she isn’t reading or writing, Paige spends the majority of her time dancing. She has been taking pole dancing lessons for the past three years and couldn’t be more in love with the sport. The blend of athleticism, grace, and flexibility required to dance continually challenges her and she strives to not only build strength but defy gravity, as well. Paige has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing from East Tennessee State University. She has been a critical care nurse at Bristol Regional Medical Center for the last five years. She currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee with her adorable dog, Elle.


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