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The Adventures of Lola by Jade Harley - Guest Blogger Book Review

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To thirteen-year-old Lola, the world is not a very magical place. She often gets in trouble, whether it’s with her parents, who find her rich imagination a bit tiresome, or at school, where the teachers see her as being far too dramatic. But Lola knows she is meant to do more in life, like maybe save the day…someday.

But when Lola and her friends realise that something disastrous is about to strike their town, they gather their strengths and are determined to solve the mystery. Their sleuthing soon brings them all the way to the King, who is less than pleased with Lola’s fearless hunt for the truth.

As Lola struggles to remain in the good graces of the people in her life, she starts to realize just how unique she truly is…and just how magical her life might actually be.

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Jennifer's Review
This is my review of The Adventures of Lola. 
It’s a great book about a fairy named Lola. She is very curious about fairy life. She learns that something bad happened in the year 1985 to fairies. She and her two best friends try to learn what it was, and after they do , they try to stop it. 
After being rejected and not believed, Lola herself goes to find help, and once she gets help, returns to try and stop it from happening again. 
What is this mysterious event? You have to read the book to find out. 
5 stars. 

Author Bio
The Adventures of Lola is Harley’s first novel. A fierce conservationist, vegetarian and lover of nature and animals, Harley spent the past twenty years working in the music and media industry before embracing her creative side and becoming an author.

Harley's early influences include Enid Blyton, Charlotte Bronte, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl and C.S Lewis. A self-confessed 'rebel', Harley hopes to inspire future generations of young girls to dream big, stand up for what they believe in, and protect the environment.

Harley was born in Britain and now lives in Australia. She considers herself to be a 'Possie' - half Pomme, half Aussie.

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