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When Darkness Falls by Ellen Chauvet - Book Tour + Giveaway

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When Darkness Falls
The First Vampire Redemption Story
Ellen Chauvet
Paranormal Romance

Lexie Miles, a southern belle living her dream life in Paris, is devastated
when her best friend Emma is brutally raped and murdered by vampires.
From that moment Lexie’s “perfect world” begins to crumble. She
discovers her entire life has been a sham and everyone she cares
about has been lying to her. Angry doesn’t begin to describe her
reaction to the news.

Plunged into a two-thousand year old war between good and evil, she is
propelled into a world of blood, lust and dark secrets. She must
embrace her birthright to fight an ancient threat to humanity.
Bequeathed with the dubious gift of being the “Chosen One,” Lexie
meets the enigmatic Etienne Benoit. She falls hard for him and when
he betrays her, she vows to get revenge. After all, she is a vampire
executioner and killing vampire is what she does.

Chapter 2

Emma’s Meeting

Emma slumped against the back seat as the taxi pulled away from Lexie’s apartment. 
Heart still pounding, she focused on breathing deeply to quiet her nerves. She couldn’t remember ever being as unraveled as she had been when she had seen Francois and Marielle on the Champs Elysees. They had recognized Lexie and that boded trouble.
She stepped down from the taxi in front of her apartment. “Please wait for me. I won’t be long,” she said to the driver handing him twenty Euros.
He smiled, happy she was not just another cheap foreigner trying to get a free ride.
After she locked and bolted her front door behind her, she felt relieved, but she no longer knew if she was safe anywhere. She wondered if Francois and Marielle were watching or had followed her home. Her thoughts lingered on Francois. She had fallen hard and fast and now her hopes and dreams centered on him. The last time they had met alone Francois had promised her many things. To leave Marielle and be with her, heal the rift with his father and leave the dark side. She touched her lips where the memory of his last kiss lingered. She still couldn’t believe he wanted her. She knew the risks – vampires are not to be trusted – especially the dark ones. She had promised Francois she would tell no one and kept her promise. Tonight it had taken everything she had not to blurt out her secret to Lexie. She hated lying and worried Lexie was now vulnerable.
Everything the Society had worked for and stood for was in danger now that Francois and Marielle knew of the precious antiserum and its formula. When they had first approached her several weeks prior, Francois had done most of the talking.  His good looks and smooth compliments had turned her head. He had compelled her and the only thing that had saved her from falling completely under his will was the human serum mixed with verveine she took daily. But it had not prevented her from falling in love with him.
Despite her strong feelings for Francois, she had managed to keep her wits. Instead of giving him what he wanted she devised an elaborate plan to conceal the authentic antiserum and formula. As she reviewed the details she felt confident the life-saving items would be safe. She was playing with fire, surviving the night was uncertain.
Tonight she was meeting Francois in the Jardin de Tuillieries to give him the fake antiserum and formula. It was a test to make sure he would be true to his word. She could only hope he loved her.  He assured her he did.
She surveyed her Provence-style decor with its hues of orange, red and sunflower yellow. She loved her place with its treasures from home - the small antique carriage clock that had belonged to her grandmother, and the beautiful old steamer trunk that she used as a coffee table. They were her Dad’s loving contribution to her apartment.
The vial of clear liquid and formula caught her eye. She opened a small Printemps shopping bag, placed each item inside, and stuffed it in her purse.
Would she ever see her home again?
She shrugged off her sudden departure into sadness, and ran down the stairs freeing her hair from its customary bun. Francois preferred it loose and flowing. Besides, it made her feel sexier. She gave the taxi driver the address of a small internet café near the Jardin de Tuilleries.


Emma sat at one of the computers going over and over her e-mail to Etienne and Tom. She gathered her courage, entered the next day’s date and pushed the send later button.  She left the café, turning right toward the Tuilleries, and pulled the collar of her jacket close. The night was cold and clear. She entered the garden, and paused, listening for any strange noise before proceeding along the path. The full moon and soft white lights strung in the surrounding trees showed her the way.
Bon nuit, cherie,” a silky male voice whispered in her ear.
Emma’s heart almost stopped. The first rush of carnal heat moved through her body. He surprised her.
Bon nuit,” she replied, turning to face him. Francois’ handsome face was lost in shadow. His wintry blue eyes were all she could see. Delicious and dangerous. “Come into the trees,” he said taking her hand.  She followed him into the underbrush glancing over her shoulder.
“Have you kept your promise?”
“I told no one, not even Lexie. and I made sure no one was following me. I would never disobey your instructions. Your trust means everything to me.”
“Do you have the package?”
“I have what you asked for.”
“That is good cherie.” He stroked her face with his hand.
She shivered at his touch and fought to keep a cool head.
“Give them to me,” he said.
“In a moment. Have you thought about your promises?” 
“We can talk about that later. We are together and alone,” he said. “That’s more important.
Emma took a step back. She needed a little distance to think. “By the way, why did you and Marielle approach my friend and me tonight? It was awkward.”
“We were out for a stroll and noticed you admiring the necklace. Marielle insisted on meeting her.” Francois stroked her cheek again.
“I was afraid you wouldn’t be able to get away from her tonight.” Emma said.
“Don’t worry about her. Elle est une musaraigne.”
Emma couldn’t help but smile at his use of the word shrew.
“After five hundred years I am sick of her nagging and jealous fits.” He reached to take her in his arms.
Emma clutched her purse closer, still hesitant to give in too soon. “I’ve missed you.” The beating of heart sounded like thunder in her ears.
“But cherie it’s only been a few hours since we last met.” Once more he caressed her cheek.
Emma shivered at his touch. “It’s seems like an eternity and you were with Marielle.”
 “Perhaps I have been a little too délicat with you.” His silky voice turned her insides to mush. He raised her chin and gazed into her eyes. Emma felt a pulling sensation. “Maybe you want a little walk on the wild side, n’est pas? Let me have my way with you and I will leave Marielle and come to your light side.” He grazed her cheek with his lips. 
“Don’t tease me,” Emma whispered. “You know how I feel about you.” She reached for him.
 He took her in his arms his cool lips brushing against her eyelids and cheeks. She threw her arms around his neck and pulled him close. He hardened against her body and moist heat flooded between her legs.
Her efforts to stay focused faltered in the wave of lust that washed over her. She wanted to believe he loved her. He thrust his tongue between her lips until she felt the tips of his fangs. Titillation overpowered fear and she tightened her grip.
He pulled away from her. “Wait cherie,” he said, removing his coat. He spread it on the ground. Impressed by his act of chivalry, Emma relaxed into him. He eased her down.
 “I want you,” he said against her ear.
Before she could respond, he ripped her blouse open and shoved her bra away. The gentleness was gone. He pinched her nipples and despite the pain they turned into hard nuggets. Francois captured her mouth with his and reaching under her skirt, he traced the inside of her leg. He pressed his hand against her wet mound and rubbed almost sending her over the edge. She arched against him wanting more. He was hard. Ready. With one quick movement, he ripped her panties, his fingers rough as he fingered her clit. Emma whimpered in pain. She tried to pull his hand away. His smile was cruel as he squeezed harder.
“You’re hurting me.”
“I’m just getting started.” He raked her most intimate parts with his tongue, biting and fondling. “You’re so juicy and you taste…,” he said as he lapped at her opening. His fangs hurt as they scraped against her.
Emma was mortified that her body was still responding to his violence. “Please stop,” she said pushing at his shoulders.
His response was biting her nipple so hard she cried out. She could feel blood running down her side. She began hitting him and he laughed at her efforts. He took both arms in one hand and held them over her head. She’d never felt so helpless.
“Relax cher,” he said. He licked the spot where she was bleeding, his tongue gentle and soothing. “Sometimes I get carried away. You’re safe with me.” He kissed her and desire overruled her fear.  
She rubbed against him the need for release making her reckless. She heard the soft whish of his zipper and his cock caressed her inner thigh. He nudged against her vulva and she felt the head of his penis slip between her labia. He grunted and thrust hard.
Emma moaned as pain and pleasure washed over her. “Be gentle liebe, this is our first time and it has been a very long time for me.”
“I will make sure it is pleasurable for one of us,” he purred. He pounded into her and Emma could tell he had no intention of making it pleasurable.
“Stop, you’re hurting me,” she cried pushing against his shoulders, struggling beneath him.
“Too late for that cherie,” he growled.
The thrusting intensified. Emma screamed in pain as he rubbed her raw.
Emma heard a twig snap and a familiar voice shrieked, “Francois”.
His head snapped to the side.
Vous bâtard, que faites-vous?” Marielle cried. She grabbed Francois by the hair and catapulted him toward a nearby tree. He slammed into it and Emma could hear a crack as his head connected with the trunk. “Did you think I wouldn’t know? I can read your thoughts from miles away. Sex was not part of the plan! I should castrate you for this.”
Francois lay dazed and disoriented. Marielle turned to Emma who was trying to cover her nakedness as she scrambled to her feet.
The beautiful woman’s hair shone pale and ethereal in the moonlight. Her gleaming red eyes gave off fiery sparks as she advanced toward Emma. “And you are a mate-stealing poutain,” she said. “I should kill you!”
“Wait cherie,” Francois said approaching the two women and laying a hand on Marielle’s shoulder. “I do not have the antiserum and formula yet.”
“You should learn to keep that thing in your pants,” she retorted. “It gets in the way of your brain.” She turned and looked at Emma intently.
“Give it to me. Give me the antiserum.” Marielle demanded.
Emma took a step back.
“It is not meant for you. It’s meant for Francois.”
“You can give it to her.” Francois said. His eyes bored into Emma’s.
“How do I know she won’t kill me as soon as I give it to her?”
“You don’t,” Marielle sneered as she inched closer. “But we will surely kill you if you deceive us.”
Emma stepped sideways so she could eyeball them both. “You will probably do that anyway. Your kind lies.”
“What has happened to your compelling?” Marielle asked Francois.
“She’s probably been taking verveine to counteract the effects,” Francois said. “It doesn’t matter. I’m sure she has the package. She is in love with me.”
Moving faster than Emma’s eyes could follow, Marielle jerked the purse from her shoulder and dumped the contents on the path. Marielle’s laughter pealed in the night air as she pounced on the Printemps bag. She reached inside and withdrew the bottle of liquid and the paper with the formula on it.
She waved them in front of Francois’ face. “We have them.” 
“Wait cherie,” Francois cautioned. “We must be sure.”
He grabbed the bottle from her and took a swig of the liquid.
Sacre bleu,” he wheezed. “The bitch has laced this with verveine and poisoned me.” He began coughing violently, spitting it out.
“In love with you, bah,” Marielle caught him as he fell. “Merde,” she exclaimed. “This can’t be happening. Francois how could you be so stupid? All these centuries and you’re still an idiot pathetique.”
 Emma turned and ran toward the lighted path. She’d been so certain that Francois loved her, certain he would leave Marielle and come to the light side. It had all been a trap.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Marielle asked, moving so fast she was a blur. She grabbed Emma’s arm and twisted hard.
Emma cried out in pain as Marielle dragged her back toward Francois. She summoned every bit of strength she could and wrenched her arm free, throwing the tiny woman off balance. Emma delivered a devastating round house kick to her head. Marielle went down and Emma stomped on her throat intent on killing her. Marielle lay clutching her throat her mouth moving in silence. Emma pressed harder.
The verveine had made Francois sick but not weak. Emma realized it too late.
“You bitch, you’ll pay for deceiving us,” Francois said, grabbing Emma’s hair. He pulled her back into the shadows, ignored Marielle and threw Emma to the ground. “You said you love me and you have lied and tricked me. We had a deal. ”
“I do love you but I couldn’t trust you,” Emma said, getting to her feet. “If you promise to leave Marielle and enter the light I will tell you where the real antiserum and formula are.”
“Why should I trust you now?” Francois asked. “It may be more of your treachery. If I could be certain you really love me I would leave her and join you.”
“You would betray me for this piece of shit?” Marielle said quite recovered. Marielle lunged at him, fangs bared.
“In a heartbeat,” Francois said drawing a stake from his jacket. He stood his ground.
“I will have your heart for a snack,” she snarled.
He plunged the stake into her chest. She fell clutching the stake trying to pull it from her body. “You bastard, vous m'avez tué.
“Emma I’ve killed her for you, does that prove my love and my intention?”  He took her hand and pulled her deeper into the bushes, his arms encircling her.
Still conflicted, Emma gazed up at him. She wanted to believe that this vampire, the culmination of all her passionate dreams, desired her, but reason prevailed.  Even if he was rough she craved his touch, wanted him, loved him. But her years working with the Society had trained her well. She couldn’t trust him.
“I’ve hidden it at the Society in Grignon,” she replied. “It’s in a small lock box in the tack room of the stables.” Her heart tripped at her lie.
“I hope you’re telling me the truth. Our future together depends on it.” He kissed her, running his hands through her hair. For a moment Emma forgot everything.
“Finally you’ve done something right,” Marielle said coming up behind them. The stake had not pierced her heart and she was healing.
“What do we do now?” Francois asked.
Emma was unsure who he was speaking to.
Marielle grabbed Emma and twisted her head, snapping her neck. Emma was dead before she hit the ground.
“We kill her,” Marielle said.
Sacre bleu, idiot,” Francois exclaimed. “She was our only link. What if she lied about where she hid it?
“Do not fret ma cher,” Marielle said. “We still have our source on the inside. We will not fail. I promise.”
“I hope you’re right cherie” Francois said. “We’ve come a long way and I hate failure.
“Neither do I,” Marielle said. “By the way you were very convincing. You really played her. But I didn’t expect you to go so far. You were having a little too much pleasure.”
Vous ete stupide,” he replied. “She was a cow. She did nothing for me. She was an easy lay. You know I love you. After all these years you shouldn’t doubt me.”
“Hmmph, I’m just thankful your aim was so accurate to miss my heart. What should we do with her?”
He dropped to his knees and lifted Emma’s head to expose her neck. “Perhaps it is time to drive our point home.”
He began to feed.
“You pig, save some for me,” Marielle said. She shoved his head aside and found her own spot.
In no time they had drained Emma. Her neck a gaping wound.
“Occasionally you have a good idea. That was very tasty,” Marielle said. She stood wiping the blood from her mouth.
“It felt good to kill the treacherous bitch. We’ll leave her here and inform our source of the possible location of the prize.”  Francois wiped the blood from his mouth and burped.
“Disgusting,” Marielle said. “You are so gross.”
“I was born a man. It’s in my nature.  He retrieved the bottle and formula, placing them in his breast pocket.
They disappeared into the darkness leaving Emma Gunter’s broken blood spattered body lying where she had died.

Ellen Chauvet lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her love for reading
and writing developed at an early age and she wrote several short
stories and plays which were lost over the years. In 2003 a friend
introduced her to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", and Ellen was
fascinated by the idea of good and evil vampires. She particularly
loves Anne Rice, Charlaine Harris and Laurell K. Hamilton. 'When
Darkness Falls' if the first in a series of books called 'The Vampire
Redemption Series' and is adult fiction.

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