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Chasing Evolution by Roy T. James - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Among things that makes us greatly uncomfortable, all the complex issues are generally attributed to evolution. And the  author is chasing evolution to find, quite surprisingly, answers all the to questions that are of paramount importance to human society now. Why each new species of life, the ultimate products of evolution, is far more complex than the parent one, shall now get an intuitive answer:
Mating, undoubtedly an integral part of evolution, does not happen as seamlessly as we think. Unmentionable dreadfulness is experienced in this affair, especially by male of all species, that too mostly on completion of mating. It is logical to think that new species therefore evolve with more and more opportunities of allaying this dreadfulness, which looks to be true since the commotion associated with mating show a declining trend, as we close towards the final species.
The 'increase in complexity as evolution moves forward' becomes easily explainable, simply as defensive tactics against this dreadfulness. In the case of the final species of life, man, these tactics take an altruistic route. Stretch, whatever may be of interest to him, to its limits and immerse in it. Which is the origin of formalities, niceties and all forms of extremism, including the few that are a grave threat to happy living, and the many that are helpful, enjoyable or life saving. Such as the scourge of terrorism and its repercussions. Also, keep women always well suppressed. If they
happen to express dissatisfaction, it shall not be crossing certain threshold of oppressiveness necessary to upset the man.
Things would have continued like this, but for the discovery of VIAGRA. Now the dread of male female union is very much under human control. This will in effect, render ‘all forms of extremes’, redundant, leading to unpredictable consequences.
(When writing this book, I never thought the ideas presented here in a lighter vein will prove to be of great significance, more so, in the current climate of global terror)

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Jennifer's Review
It was an okay book to read.
It is all about Darwin’s Theory on Evolution and how we are similar to our cousins, the apes. There are lots of debates regarding this theory.
I would recommend this book as more of a scientist/science book for high school/college/biology. It's like a text book for those who are interested in this type of thing. 3 stars.

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