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Penny by Peter Davidson - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Have you ever looked at a coin in the palm of your hand and wondered where it has been, what it has seen and heard, and what stories it could tell?
Well, in a nutshell, that is what PENNY is about as this very special one-cent piece passes through the hands of ordinary people, the famous, the infamous, the saints, and the sinners and hangs out in churches, honkytonks, and everywhere in between. This book tells the stories of the people whose hands PENNY passes through.
Why is this particular penny so special? Well, because it was the final penny ever minted of 95% copper, on October 22, 1982. After that, all one-cent pieces are pathetic and puny, consisting of 97.5% zinc with only a touch of copper thrown in. That’s why.
After reading PENNY, you might never again be able to pass by a penny lying on the ground without at least giving a thought to picking it up and putting it in your pocket.
Every book should be dedicated to someone or something, and this book is dedicated to the penny pinchers of the world. Okay, also to the penny hoarders.
PENNY is Peter Davidson’s twenty-eighth published book.

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Jennifer's Review
I thought it was a cute book, and I really liked reading it. 
It's about this brand new penny that the author makes sound like a real person. It tells stories about all the places it has gone, who has had it and what their story is, what they did with it, where it ended up, etc. 
I give this book a 5 star rating.

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