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My life changed eight years ago when my captor slaughtered my family in front of my eyes and took me as his own personal trophy.
I thought they would find me – that the clans would come looking for the last remaining Vasile. They didn’t. Instead, they abandoned me like I was nothing. 
After being here for years, I’d learned to accept my fate – to accept the hell I was living. Until one day it all went to shit, my daughter was ripped from my arms, I was shot, and the man who saved me was the one I was promised to all those years ago – Ion Petran.
But saving me wasn’t enough now that my parents are gone. He will have to win me over if he still wishes to be king of the clans.

She’s the key to all of my success, promised to me when I was a child.
She’s been missing for years, and when I find her, I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted. 
I found her. Eight years of searching and I found the woman who would change my life.
I expected a lot of things from her, stupidly of me, I didn’t expect to get more than I bargained for.
The day she turned twenty-one she was supposed to be in my home – her captor stole that from us. He stole her from me, and he’ll pay. 
No one crosses me, ever.

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