All I wanted was to kill them. The people that murdered my sister.
Little did I know that the man I hired to do the job, Henry Blaire, was an incubus. A soul-sucking monster that can kill with one touch.
He's dark, dangerous and addictive. Literally.
There is a word for people like me. People that drink daemon blood to become powerful, beautiful and strong.
They call us The Bleeders.

This story is not a typical HEA and it doesn't have a cliffhanger ending.
It has themes of self-harm, mental illness, co-dependency, grief and addiction.

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Jennifer's Review
The Bleeders is a psychological thriller in which a young woman tells her story of how she hired a daemon to kill her sister's killers. She falls in love with him, and after learning he is a daemon, she wants to become one herself.
Does she? What happens to her? Does she get her daemon lover? How does her story end?
This is only the first book in a 3 part series. I liked this book, and I give it 4 stars.
I would also like to read books 2 & 3.

Author Bio
Michaela Haze is dog lover, mum of one and a writer of paranormal, urban fantasy romance. She lives in Hertfordshire. Her ‘real life’ job is as a videographer for a well known retailer. In her spare time, she eats copious amounts of Japanese food.