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The Sheeple by Gus Flory - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Bucky is smarter than the average sheep. He is destined to become leader of his flock, which lives peacefully on the idyllic hills of California's Central Coast.

When Bucky learns an awful secret, he attempts to warn the sheep of his flock of the true intentions of the shepherd and the dog who watch over them. But the sheep think and speak in simple sheepisms and are unable to accept or believe what he has to tell them.

One old ram, the black sheep of the flock, believes him. He tells young Bucky of a mythical ram named Zeus and his flock of wild sheep who live in freedom on Liberty Mountain. The two sheep must decide whether to remain with the flock or escape. The decision is made and they set out into the wild in search of Zeus and his wild sheep. A harrowing odyssey ensues.

Gus Flory's THE SHEEPLE is an epic tale of adventure sure to capture the imagination of the young and not so young alike.

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a wonderful book about a young sheep named Bucky. Bucky is part of a flock of sheep guarded by Rancher Dave and his dog, Stevie. Bucky hates living in the flock, so he befriends an old sheep named Greg who tells him about a group of wild sheep living on Liberty Mountain led by Zeus. Bucky and Greg leap over a fence and start their adventure to the mountain. Danger lurks everywhere. 
Do they make it? What happens to them out there in the wild? Read this great book to find out. 
I liked it a lot. 5 stars.

Author Bio
Gus Flory has been around the block a time or two. He dreams of outer space but can't seem to find a way off the planet.

Blogger's Note 
Jasmine, the blog owner, would like to add that she finds the cover of this book terrifying. She has weird phobias that include fear of sheep, goats, and deer. This cover is the thing of nightmares. (She means that in the best possible way)

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