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Rebirth by Jimi Ojikutu - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Rebirth is a collection of short stories that gives the reader African story telling from an entirely different never before explored perspective. I was looking at telling stories unique universal stories in African settings like they have never been told before, delving into genres that other African writers are yet to explore, from Horror, to Sci-fi, Fantasy, the stories take you on a journey that are both magical and sometimes scary, from places that can only exist in the imagination and myths to places we see everyday. This is not just a collection of stories, it is a journey that will excite you and make you ask for more with each turn of the pages. Once you are done reading, you would have been taken through a visual road trip, with vivid enlivened characters and settings that jump right out of the pages of the book, Rebirth plays in your head almost like a movie.

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Jennifer's Review
It's a bunch of short stories that are so good, they are worth reading over and over. 
I loved each one. 
I give them 5 stars!  


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