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Sons of Darkness by Todd Hanley - Guest Blogger Book Review

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The Bore, the legendary weak point in the barrier that separates Hell and Earth has been re-discovered in the depths of the Mexican jungle.
The Catholic Church wants to seal the Bore forever but the Devil’s human worshipers have their own sadistic agenda and will do anything to stop them. Sinister agents seek position and move in the shadows, even the Church has been infiltrated by evil.
Tom Granger - a down on his luck Ex-solider - is part of a firm unwittingly hired by the Church to protect the site but the priests fail to tell the contractors what is really going on. At the Bore, Tom discovers a dark world of myths and monsters that is about to rise up against us.
For standing in his way the Devil decrees that Tom is to be punished and orders his wife’s execution. Tom suddenly finds himself plunged into a deadly race against Hell’s undead assassins to save the woman he loves. He must come to terms with the fact that the fate of his wife and the rest of the world hangs in the balance. Is this truly the end?

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Jennifer's Review

Wow, what an incredible book to read! It's about a young man named Tom, who is recruited to help stop the Sons of Darkness and The Order from releasing their dark lord, Lucifer, from his hell pit in a jungle in Mexico. 
Does he succeed? Does the Order win? What happens to the Sons of Darkness? 
Read this amazing book and prepare for the sequel, coming soon. 
5 stars for this book. 

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