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The Phoenix Decree Saga by Anna Albergucci - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Phoenix Decree
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 1
by Anna Albergucci
Time Travel/ Paranormal Romance

How far would you go to pursue your heart's desire?

When Devon Phoenix, a nineteenth-century Englishman, becomes linked to his
soul mate through the discovery of a buried family secret, he must do
the impossible. His longing to pursue her demands he cross the
centuries to present day. But his world is shaken to its core when he
learns he must protect her from men he thought to be only myths.
Drawn by her lineage, these men will go to great lengths to have

Out at a nightclub, Boston artist and history buff Elz Valli has no idea
her grounded life is about to be uprooted. She encounters Devon and
realizes this striking and intellectual warrior not only looks like
the 12th Duke of Seton--he is. Consumed by the flames that engulf
them, there is no turning back as Devon's presence in today's world
ignites raging fires--both good and evil.

Though Devon's love is one that reaches through time, it is not without
cost. Now he must decide if Elz is worth the price.

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 Ryder’s Club, Boston, Massachusetts

Present day

Devon Phoenix
Elz let her head fall back against my chest and rolled her hips in slow circles with the music, her arse rubbing across my cock.
I sucked a breath—Goddamn—and tugged her hard against me as I drove forward, my thighs and arse tightening.
Those teasing sweeps across the ravenous flesh beneath my zipper had just got us both in serious trouble. My movements might have appeared smooth and flowing, but they were no longer the movements of a mere dance—no, they were the movements of a man adoring his lover’s body with his own. And I was shocked that Elz was returning the adoration.
I molded into her body and pressed my lips to her ear, my voice clear and crazed with need, “Oh, cara, I want you badly. You’re torturing me again. And you taste and smell so good, just as I always knew you would.”
Elz went still, and I was terrified she would pull away. I had no idea what she was thinking or why she had stopped.
Trembling, she squeezed my thigh and said, “My God, it really is you, Devon.”
What the—? Hearing my name cross her lips, I spun her around to face me. Baffled, I gripped her shoulders and stared into her eyes. “You know exactly who I am? My name and everything?”
Seeing the answer on her face as she nodded, I squeezed my eyes closed and whispered thanks to God. When I opened them I knew He had delivered me from my hell, and I came near to weeping. I hadn’t expected anything of the kind but had been prepared to go undercover in order to win Elz. Yet she stood before me accepting and returning my affections with full knowledge of who I was and that I was here from the nineteenth century.
Gripped by intense emotion, I searched her face for the smallest hint of uncertainty.
There was none. There was only her undeniable desire for me.
Please, Lord, let me kiss her.
I whispered, “Elz. May I please—” but before I could finish or she could answer, she grabbed my face and pulled me fast and hard to her mouth. The kiss was greedy.
Pulling her into my starving arms, I swallowed her up with the same ravenous passion and was rocketed heavenward.
We were gluttonous, eating from one another’s mouths as though our deeply entangled lives depended upon it; we took what we wanted, feasting on the pleasures.
Famished, I not only took from her lips and tongue, I indulged in craved bites within salty kisses from her cheeks, eyes, forehead, neck, and soon to be every other part of her.
My hands were everywhere. Her hands were everywhere. They traveled over each other’s bodies like greedy pirates searching for treasure.
She felt like heaven, and I was shameless with unleashed desire. She was as lost to the madness as I, and her fingers were suddenly down my jeans.
Sweet fuck!

Phoenix Unbound
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 2 

And now the saga continues... 

Devon's presence in modern-day Boston has roused the enemy who now stalks

Devon and Elz become entwined, body and soul, but secrets
still loom. Elz needs answers. Devon, imprisoned by his vow to keep
quiet, must fight his desire to give them. All he can offer is his
protection and his love. Unfortunately, the shackles of silence could
leave Elz vulnerable to the enemy. 
Devon has recruited Jarrett Phoenix, the current Marquess of Phoxdale, to
help on his mission. Though Jarrett is a good ally, he incorporates
his own agenda, and the car-racing playboy attempts to seduce Elz's
best friend, the ever-cautious Jaymi. But Jaymi longs for more than
Jarrett offers. The four spend the summer together, and tensions
climb, as Jaymi is an unwilling candidate in Jarrett's games. 

Will Jarrett's fear of love keep his heart from running the course and
winning the prize? And will Devon comprehend too late the real threat
he faces when fighting the rival who will stop at nothing to take Elz
from him? 

The future holds the answers...or...does the past?

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Phoenix Under Fire
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 3

Lovers entwine and old friends collide as Devon and Elz begin life anew in
nineteenth-century England. Gone is the jaded man his family feared
would never love, never marry. In his place stands a man completely
enamored with and vastly protective of the captivating beauty he
keeps on his arm. Elz adapts well to life at Wedlove, relieved that
their enemy is left behind in modern-day Boston.

Danger, however, lurks in every corner, and Devon may find his most
challenging adversary yet in the guise of a childhood friend, one who
is incredibly strong and cunning . . . one with a dark secret of his

Meanwhile, Devon's warning to Jarrett manifests when Devon's younger brother
challenges Jarrett for Jaymi's affection. Jaymi is torn between the
gallant, handsome man who would offer her the world, and the reckless
one who lingers in every waking thought. Will she seek a new life
with a new love, or will Jarrett refuse to let her go?

The Phoenix Decree continues . . .

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Phoenix Under Siege
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 4

Devon has laid claim to Elz--marrying her in twenty-first-century America
as well as nineteenth-century England. He hopes it will grant a
respite from others who are drawn to the flame in her eyes.

During a trip to London, Devon's hopes are dashed as he thwarts an attempt
to kidnap Elz. While investigating who is behind the attack, he finds
himself at a crossroads and is forced to enlist the aid of his friend
turned rival, Symond Grayson, the Duke of Graburn. In an act of
compassion gone horribly wrong, Devon's marriage to Elz is threatened
and his world is turned upside down. The door is opened for Symond,
and the duke has every intention of walking through it.

With their love in as much danger as their lives, Devon has no choice but
to send Elz far from Symond's reach while he contends with their
foes--old and new. Battered from all sides, Devon is under siege, and
the stakes are raised as Elz and the Phoenix bloodline are placed in
jeopardy. Devon could lose Elz forever if another can win her heart.

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Phoenix Untamed
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 5

It's Christmas at Wedlove Castle.

Elz, mostly recovered from her recent ordeal, has flourished under Devon's
training and 1829 comes to a close with a double wedding on Christmas

Pris and Kyle's excitement is unmatched, except by the anticipation shared
by Jarrett and Jaymi, while Devon and Elz eagerly await the birth of
their son, Eros.

But three miles west, at Castle Gray, Symond Grayson has made a drastic
decision that changes his relationship with Devon and Elz

And while the wedding celebrations continue, Reed Valli, Elz's brother,
finds himself ensnared by a lovely young lady who thrusts them both
into a compromising situation.

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Phoenix Unanchored
The Phoenix Decree Saga Book 6

Modern day history buff Elz Phoenix used to daydream of being a Southern
belle in 1850s America. Now married to a man who can give her the
world in any time, she’s doing exactly that. As their two families
travel down the east coast, a new contender is drawn to the fire in
Elz’s eyes. But no challenger could dissuade Devon from defending
his heart’s desire, not even the daunting McGrail brothers, fresh
from the Scottish Highlands. 

Meanwhile, Griffin Valli is tired of time-hopping. He may be Elz’s brother,
but history wasn’t on his list of favorites in college. After a few
failed attempts at nineteenth-century romance, he’s headed home to
the women of the twenty-first century as soon as the family vacation
is over. He’s never liked charades, and he likes the games of high
society even less. But then he crosses paths with a daring young lady
and realizes his heart is in danger. Though he’s eager for a lover,
Griffin has no intention of falling for the beautiful Mars LaFrance.
Even so, fate is going to give him a run for his money.

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Married to her high school sweetheart, Anna Albergucci lives in Texas,
surrounded by her ever-growing family and her fur babies.

As a child, Anna had a bright imagination and entertained others with
the telling of her colorful dreams. She now weaves her stories into
fiery characters that live lives the rest of us only dream of.

Anna is a member of several writing groups, including the Cisco Writers
Club. She is also the founder and host of a yearly writers’ retreat
held at her estate.

She loves mornings, coffee, and cuddling with her grandkids. She’s a
sucker for organizing parties, especially historical costume parties.
And in her spare time you can find her touring old mansions, shopping
for antiques, or sitting on the porch with a good book. 

Anna loves to hear from her readers.

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