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Welcome to the Apocalypse by D.L. Richardson - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Welcome to the Apocalypse
Book 1- Pandora
by D L Richardson
Apocalyptic Sci-Fi

The Apocalypse Games is a state of the art virtual game designed to
entertain doomsday preppers, gamers, and cosplayers. But not everyone
who enters is there to play the game the way the creators intended.
Some players don't belong at all and some enter the game to escape

Whatever the reason, over 100 people hook up to the mainframe computer with
one goal: survive twenty-four hours of an apocalypse. Instead of game
over at the end, they're plugged straight into a new game. Then
another. It's clear to the players the computer has malfunctioned.
What isn't clear is why.

Jack Minnow grabbed a brochure off the rack and his eyes scanned the back page.
"It says here that rule breakers are ten times more likely to survive an apocalypse. They're adaptable and they rely on cunning and instinct."
Jack was five-foot-eight, and the woman behind the counter, called an operator, was easily six-feet tall. Looking at her was like looking at a marble statue atop a pedestal. All white – her hair, her tight-fitting jump suit, her face, neck, and hands, painted to resemble a computer generated character. He allowed himself to imagine that the stage make-up covered places he couldn't see.
She smiled at him. "It also says that rule breakers are ten times more likely to die within the first hour. They're reckless and often act without thinking."
She pushed a plastic tray towards him, the kind handed out at airports to slip under x-ray machines. Jack dropped his wallet, phone, and car keys into the tray.
"So it's a win/win day for a guy with a superhero complex," he said.
Superman, his mother had called him after he'd brought home a stray dog for the fifth time. "Can't help but save things," she'd told the dog ranger. Even as a boy, Jack knew what happened to the mutts who were handed over to the ranger, but he still brought dogs home for one last night of fun. His superhero complex was the reason he'd entered The Apocalypse Games. Save everyone. Save the world. Nobody dies. Not for real anyway.
The operator removed the tray and he stood there waiting for a voucher. None came. A warning flared up into his brain. What did he really know about this operation?
 "Seriously, about those odds," he said. "Exactly how much testing has gone into the program? I mean this is opening day. There must be kinks to iron out."
"We use the same technology as they do at NASA," she said. "The nutrient tubes and mist emitters feeding into the simulation pods are the same as those used in space travel. The structural integrity of the pods was tested by NASA engineers only last week." She tilted her head to the side. "We'll take good care of you, Mr Minnow. I'll see to it personally."
He didn't know her name, or anything else about her, but he felt he could trust her. He had to trust her; he was placing his life in her hands.
She stepped out from behind the counter, slipped her arm through his, and guided him toward a set of doors where he caught flashes of shiny surfaces and bright lights. A sign indicated the room was called The Launch Pad.
"How will you see to it personally?" he asked, dragging his gaze back to her dazzling blue eyes. "Will you be in the game with me?"
She shook her head. Pity. He was sure he'd enjoy cyber-sex.
"You've got a good crowd here for the opening. How many players you reckon? Eighty? Ninety?"
"There are one hundred and five players taking part in today's auspicious event."
Jack's mood sank a little. "Won't it get crowded?"
She placed her other hand on his arm. Others might have found the gesture too friendly, but not him. Attention from a beautiful woman – genuine or as part of a customary service – warmed his insides.
"There are many apocalyptic scenarios on offer," she said. "Some players have chosen to be placed randomly, in which case we'll load them into scenarios that other players haven't pre-selected. It's highly unlikely you'll all be playing the same game." She stopped at a machine similar in size to an ATM and ran a laminated pass across the scanner. "I understand you'll be teaming up with two other players, Reis Anderson and Kelly Lawrence."
"Kelly's my sister," said Jack, not wanting to give the woman the wrong impression. "I'm being a good brother and chaperoning her."
The operator nodded. "Have you chosen an apocalypse to survive? Or will you opt for the random selection?"
"I don't mind surprises, but Kelly's…let's just say she's a novice at this. We've decided to play—"
Her fingers swiftly landed on his lips. "Don't tell me. If I don't know then I can't reveal any spoilers."
She slipped the laminated pass around his neck and continued ushering him toward The Launch Pad. At the doorway, she gently pried her arm away and her azure-blue eyes twinkled.
"I assure you, Mr Minnow. You will be in the greatest of care. Please make your way inside and enjoy your complimentary champagne. It won't be long until you're taken to the simulation pod."
The doubt still niggled at him. "So when we die in the game, what happens?"
She looked off to another player signing up at the desk.
At last she turned around and smiled, revealing dazzling white teeth. "You can't die in the game."
"But it'll feel like it. That's what the brochure says."
"Yes, it will feel like death," she said before walking briskly away.

Welcome to the Apocalypse
Book 2- CyberNexis

Getting out of the game used to be all that mattered. Now all that matters is
getting back in.

THEN... The Apocalypse Games is a state of the art virtual game designed to
entertain doomsday preppers, gamers, and cosplayers. But not everyone
who entered was there to play the game the way the creators intended.
Some players didn't belong at all and some entered the game to escape
reality. Whatever the reason, over 100 people were hooked up to the
mainframe computer with one goal: survive twenty-four hours of an
apocalypse. Instead of game over at the end, they were plugged
straight into a new game. Then another. It was clear to the players
the computer has malfunctioned. What wasn't clear was why.

NOW...the players find themselves in an offsite facility far from their
original location, unsure why or how CyberNexis moved them. Getting
out of the game used to be all that mattered. But not anymore. The
world has changed and CyberNexis is keeping a secret that needs to be

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"Countdown to the apocalypse."

When I started plotting "Welcome to the Apocalypse" I didn't realize I'd be delving into the psychology behind video games and survival. I shouldn't have been surprised. Motivation plays a huge part in character development, so a writer should take into account the psychological makeup of a person, whether that person is real or fictional.

I decided to investigate the fascination many people have with apocalypses.

The apocalypse is often referred to as the end of the world, but that isn't always true of films and literature. Yes, films like "The Core" portray the world that's about to end unless mankind intervenes, but most apocalypse stories focus on the end of mankind.

The world will still be there, spinning on its axis. Whether it's coated in ice or fire or dust, the third rock from the sun will most likely still exist is some form or another according to most authors and film-makers. It's because most of us are fascinated with the end of mankind, not the end of the world. So why are we? For me, it's because this is the worst scenario that we can face - our mass extinction. It's a test of whether we can band together to overcome great odds, or do we fall apart and fight and bicker and start wars.

It would be easy to dismiss the end of the world as pure fiction, were it not for the evidence to suggest that something is going to happen despite our best attempts to stop it.

Here's the evidence:
·         End of Ordovician occurred 435 million years ago
·         End of Devonian life occurred 360 million years ago
·         End of Triassic life occurred 215 million years ago
·         End of Cretaceous life occurred 65 million years ago.

The 'End of Cretaceous' is the apocalypse that most of us think about when we think of mass extinction. This was the end of dinosaurs. Scientists have claimed that all of these mass extinctions occurred as a result of bombardment of meteorites and comets. Who knows when this type of disaster will happen. Who knows what the world will look like when it does happen. That's what authors thinks about. But we explore this from a different angle to the scientists.

While scientists are studying the end of the world, authors and film-makers are focusing on the end of mankind, and whether or not we will face this disaster with dignity and grace. When our humanity is at stake, will it be the only things that saves us?

Welcome to the apocalypse.

D L Richardson likes many things. Reality isn't one of them. D L
Richardson is the creator of 'Welcome to the Apocalypse' series as
well as the author of YA fantasy and horror novellas which can be
likened to 'Goosebumps for adults'. 

The author's world is her dog, her husband, coffee, and her writing. Not
always in that order. You won't find the usual tropes in D L
Richardson's books. You will find unique stories, engaging
characters, and thought-provoking situations.

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