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Aurelius by Jessika Klide - Book Blitz

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    💧💧NEW RELEASE 💧💧

Siri’s Saga Serial #5

     💧💧AURELIUS 💧💧


Siri Wright is a sweet southern girl and Vegas stripper.
Maximus Aurelius Moore is an Army aviator from Alabama.
The only thing they have in common are secrets.
She hides hers from the world.
He shares his with no one.
From the first moment they meet, their passion explodes.
Will they survive the storm? Will their secrets tear them apart?
Can they turn their undeniable lust into unforgettable love?
Take a walk on the wild side and enjoy a thunderous journey as ultimate
seduction and ultimate discipline clash for one helluva passionate ride!
Siri's Saga Serial Romance Series is an epic love story of two lonely
people who are extremely successful, living unique lives. When Karma
steps in and introduces them, an undeniable chemical reaction occurs.
The explosion is their story.
Siri Wright (Seary):
Returning home alone after midnight from the Swingers party, I’m walking up the drive
when Aurelius comes home. Unable to resist, I flirt intending to seduce him, but he turns
the tables on me.
Everyone has secrets!





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