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Perfect Lives by Lauren Loos - Guest Blogger Book Review

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When all we ever see are the highlights, it's easy to think our friends are leading Perfect Lives. But what happens when those perfect veneers begin to crumble?

Kate is beautiful and free.

Rachel has the perfect family.

Alex travels the world with her gorgeous husband.

Michelle has an amazing career.

But no matter how perfect their lives seem from the outside, they all have secrets - disturbing, mundane, and heartbreaking secrets. There's so much more to these women than cookie-cutter perfection. And they all feel as though they're missing... something.

As jealousy threatens to tear friendships apart, can these women see past their friends' Perfect Lives to be there when they're needed the most?

Perfect Lives is a funny, relatable and at times devastatingly real novel about friendship, jealousy and the fact that people's lives are rarely what they seem.

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Heidi's Review

First, I want to thank Lauren Loos for providing me with this book so I may bring you this review.

Perfect Lives by Lauren Loos is the first book that I read from this author. Immediately in the first page I related with Kate’s character falling too fast for her boyfriend of two months, only to get her heart broken. I loved how the author was so descriptive of Kate’s physical characteristics. You really got the sense of what she looked like.

A huge part of the book was Fiona Masters, an old school chum who was getting married! The girls were all invited to the engagement party for her. It was a reunion of friends that had not seen each other in years. It would be an interesting evening.

I loved Fiona’s brother John and his budding relationship with Kate.

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