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The Saskia Trilogy Boxset by Aoife Marie Sheridan - Book Blitz

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Title: The Saskia Trilogy Boxset

Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan

Genre: Paranormal/Fantasy/Romance

The Saskia Trilogy ~ Boxset


From USA Today Bestselling Author

The Complete Saskia Trilogy ~ Boxset

Four banished angels. A world created by the hands of God. A kingdom on its knees - and only one mortal to save them.

Growing up in the mortal world, Sarajane is shocked when she gets kidnapped and finds out that she is a princess in Saskia, a parallel universe she had no idea existed.

It's there that she discovers her abilities, but as her magic keeps growing, so does the threat towards her and her loved ones.

Following her destiny, she takes on the fight against a fallen angel and the task of saving Saskia and Earth before Lucian can destroy it.

Will Sarajane live up to the expectations or is it too late for her to save her new world?


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Chapter Seven

It’s so dark I can barely see two feet in front of me. Tristan
walks behind me, and Legis leads the way. I don’t know
where they’re taking me. Or what they want. Neither of
them has said anything since taking me.
Legis stops abruptly, causing me to smack into his back.
He swings around, grabbing my arm to steady me. These guys
move unnaturally fast.
“Legis, what’s wrong?” Tristan asks from behind me.
“Sir, I need some light.” He looks back at Tristan as he
“I shall lead and you stay behind her.” Tristan pauses as he
walks past me. “Don’t try to run. I am in no mood to chase
you.” He takes his position in front of me. Tristan does not
move straight away. Instead, he holds out his hand in front of
him and whispers, “Lux.” I can see a light radiate in front of
him. I jump back, slightly startled.
“Let’s move,” he commands. Legis nudges me on. We start
walking again. I’m trying to peer over Tristan’s shoulder to see
where the light is coming from, but he’s too tall, so I just stare
at his back.
After a few moments, Tristan makes a hand motion for us to
stop. Then the light goes out. He swings around and places his
hand over my mouth, startling me, while pulling me back into
his chest. Legis stands as still as stone, not even blinking. We
wait. I can’t hear or see anything, only Tristan’s heart beating
fast. I’m too close to him for comfort. I can feel his muscles
tense in his chest and stomach.
He makes a hand motion to Legis to get down. Then slowly
he lowers himself and me to the ground, never taking his hand
off my mouth. He lies down on his side right against me and
pulls my hands to his chest, holding them with his other hand.
The heat radiates off his body against mine, making my back
feel cold. I can now hear the shuffling in the distance. Maybe
it’s Josh.
I try to scream, but my sounds are muffled. Tristan whispers
in my ear. “Stop or we all die, you stupid girl.” I try to scream
again and pull my hands free, but I can’t get them out of his
iron grasp. So I bite his hand until I taste blood. He doesn’t even
flinch. I know it’s hopeless.
The movements pass us and I can now hear there’s more than
one person. Tears roll down my cheeks when I realise I will not
be heard or rescued.
Tristan looks at me, his jaw muscles tensing. It feels like
forever we lie like this; then Tristan speaks. “I am taking my
hand away.”
I look up into his eyes and know straight away I shouldn’t
have, as my stomach flutters. I drop my gaze and manage a
nod of my head. Tristan removes his hand slowly, but he still
holds my hands against his chest. He doesn’t say anything, just
watches my face. His green eyes have softened. A blush rises in
my cheeks. I can’t take much more of his closeness.
“What are you staring at?” I’m getting annoyed now. Well,
I’m uncomfortable with this gorgeous guy staring at me. He lets
go and stands up.
Legis moves up beside us. “Was it Clive?” he asks.
“I think so. It sounded like there were three of them. It must
have been Taurus and Felix, also.” Tristan looks down at me
still on the ground and grabs my wrists roughly. I’m about to
protest when he pulls me off the ground.
I look at his hands still on my wrists. There are no teeth
marks. “I bit you. I… I tasted your blood.”
He withdraws his hand. “We need to move now.”
“But I bit you.” Tristan ignores me and starts walking away.
We come to a clearing where two huge horses, black as coal,
are waiting. They don’t stir when we come closer, just stand
there obediently.
“I’m not getting on that horse until someone tells me where
I’m going. And why.”
They both ignore me. Instead, Legis retrieves a leather roll
from behind a tree and unravels it, revealing three black cloaks.
Legis and Tristan put theirs on and fasten them around their
necks. I start to panic. These guys are lunatics.
While their backs are turned, I slip off my high heels
and move quietly away. My heart is racing now. My mind
screams, Run! So I do. The minute my feet hit the woods’
floor, noise rises, alerting Tristan. I run and don’t look back.
I can hear Tristan calling my name as he takes chase after
me. The rocks and sticks dig into my feet, but I ignore the
pain and push my body harder. I can hear Tristan behind
me, his heavy boots breaking every twig under them. He
reaches out to grab me. I try to pull away but fall awkwardly,
taking him down also. I land beside the trunk of a large tree,
slamming my side into it before falling onto the ground. I let
out a whoosh of breath.
Tristan rolls off his back and comes over to me. “Move your
hands. I need to see if you’re hurt badly.”
I move away. “Don’t touch me.”
“Fine. Get up, then, and walk.” I stand using the tree for
support. My side is burning, but it doesn’t feel as if anything is
broken, just a lot of bruising.
“You’re an asshole.”
Legis comes rushing through the forest, a little out of breath.
“You got her.”
Tristan just nudges me on. “Move.” We make our way back
to the clearing.
Since they grabbed me from the ball, neither of them have
hurt me or threatened me, and Tristan only knocked out Josh.
Which meant, more than likely, they wouldn’t hurt me. But why
take me?
We reach the clearing again. Tristan comes towards me with
the black cloak and places it around my shoulders. As he ties it
at my neck loosely, I watch his hands. Definitely no teeth marks.
I don’t know why, but tears run down my face silently.
Tristan’s hands pause and he tilts my chin up so our eyes meet.
His gaze is soft, concerned, and my stomach flutters. I feel so
angry with myself—that I can find him so attractive under the
circumstances. He lets my face go abruptly, the coldness seeping
back into him, and he jumps up on the horse and stretches out
his arm for me to take. I could run, but he would just catch me,
so I have no choice but to take his hand. Tristan pulls me up on
the horse as if I weigh nothing.
“Hold on tight,” he commands.
“Why?” I ask. He kicks the horse and we launch forward. I
grab his waist tightly.
“That is why,” he says.
I don’t reply. I’m just praying I don’t fall off. We dodge trees
so closely I can see the veins on the green-brownish leaves. My
heart is in my mouth. I close my eyes tight. My stomach isn’t
holding up well. Maybe not seeing every tree in such detail will
help. We come to an abrupt stop, and I open my eyes. We’re fifty
feet from the cliff.
Tristan speaks in a language I don’t understand. He says a
few sentences gently, but his body is tense.
Just then, the ground trembles under us.
I grab Tristan tighter. “What’s happening?”
Fire shoots up through a long crack that has opened just at
the cliff’s edge. It roars up into the air. Tristan kicks the horse
and charges for the wall of fire, Legis beside us. Just as we hit it,
they both say “Aeirus” in unison, while I scream and shut my
eyes tightly. My ears pop as if I’m on a plane just at take-off.
Now I can’t hear anything at all. I feel the sensation of flying.
Have we gone over the edge? It doesn’t feel like falling, and I’m
still holding on to Tristan’s waist.
I open my eyes slowly and wish I hadn’t. We’re in a large
bubble, the two horses side by side. When I look down, their
hooves aren’t touching the bubble, but floating. Outside, the fire
rages all around us. It looks like we’re moving at an incredible
speed by the way the fire licks past us so quickly.
I start hyperventilating. Oh God, what’s keeping the fire
away? What if it breaks? My breathing becomes harder.
Tristan’s voice is strained as he calls to Legis. “Can you hold
 it? She is panicking.”
“Yes, sir,” Legis replies. Their voices seem far away and
everything is turning dark. Tristan swings himself around and
grabs me before I fall off the horse. He places me in front of
him so I’m facing him. His lips are moving, but I can’t hear
anything, and then I black out.

In my dream, faces of tormented people race through the
fire, reaching out for me to save them. The smell of burnt flesh
makes me gag, and I recoil. As the hands come through the
bubble, reaching for me, all the flesh melts away, leaving only
bones. I scream and fall off the horse into the waiting hands of
the dead.

I wake with a thud. My eyes shoot open. I’m lying against
Tristan’s chest, his arm firmly around me. His other hand holds
the reins. I can feel the horse beneath me slow down. Tristan
relaxes his grip around my waist, and I look up at him.
“Let me off now.” He stops the horse immediately. I jump
down, clumsily landing on sand, white sand. I look around me.
There’s nothing but sand for miles. Oh God, I feel sick. Tristan
jumps down and walks towards me. “Stay away from me,” I
Tristan stops abruptly. “I know you’re upset.” But the way he
looks at me says he doesn’t care. He holds out his hands in front
of him, as if he’s trying to calm a wild animal.
“Upset? Upset? Not even close. Where the hell am I? And
what was that… fire?” I ask.
Tristan approaches me slowly with his hands still outstretched.
“We need to move now.” His voice is full of irritation.
I let out a roar. “Like hell I will. Answer me now. Where
am I?”

Author Bio:


USA today Bestselling author Aoife Marie Sheridan lives in Ireland, has two leprechauns and a hawthorn tree in her back garden, that she guards day and night against the mischief fairy folk.

When she's off duty she loves to write, read and drink tons of coffee. Oh and she eat's lots of chocolate, LOTS!

To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at:



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