Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Eradicate by Stacey McCoy - Book Blitz

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Reanimation Trilogy #2 - Stacey McCoy

Rylan has a past. A past that comes in the form of a beautiful, strong and dangerous vampire named Savanah. 

Savanah has spent years searching for Rylan and is left feeling disappointed and angry when she finds him with a beating heart and a girlfriend. 

Upon hearing about the reanimation process Savanah vows to reinfect Rylan, eliminate Kady and eradicate all those who stand for it. 

Her pledge seals everyone’s fate in ways no one could ever have predicted. 

Will Savanah succeed and ruin everything and everyone that Rylan has come to hold so dear?

Will Rylan be reinfected? 

Will Kady survive?



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