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Heroes and Swords by Various Authors - Book Blitz + Giveaway

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Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection

Do you know about Noblebright Fantasy?

Noblebright Fantasy is a term that has been around for a while. It was first coined among the gaming community as a counterpart for their considered "grimdark" game, WarHammer 40,000.

Unlike Dark Fantasy, which was meant to categorize fantasy that contained traces of Horror genre, Grimdark Fantasy referred instead to fantasy stories with grittier, more violent plot-lines, in which the views of the world and the motivations of the characters where often darker, amoral and more violent. As a response to this grimdark trend, the gaming community, and later the fantasy community in general, introduced the term Noblebright.

So what is Noblebright Fantasy?

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection

Author C.J. Brightley, who first defined the term in the recent years in a literary environment , describes it as:
Noblebright Fantasy by C.J. Brightley

Noblebright fantasy has at least one important character with noble, idealistic motives who does the right thing out of principle. The character is flawed, but his or her actions are generally defined by honesty, integrity, sacrifice, love, and kindness. The story upholds the goodness of the character; the character’s good qualities are not held up as naiveté, cluelessness, or stupidity, but rather shown to be worthwhile. Good characters can make a difference.
In a Noblebright Fantasy, the outlook of the story is a positive one. It's one that upholds hope and goodness and encourages the reader to believe in those principles. Characters in Noblebright Fantasy fight for honorable causes, and choose to be kind despite it not always benefiting them. They choose to do what's right and risk their lives and safety to achieve justice, with their determination and kindness portrayed as something to be admired instead of mocked. Noblebright Fantasy moves on the vision that, despite it not being perfect, the world is beautiful and valuable, and deserves to be protected.

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection.

Heroes and Swords: A Noblebright Fantasy Collection
In the spirit of the classic fantasy of Tolkien, Terry Pratchett and Brandon Sanderson, authors of Noblebright Fantasy all around the world have come together in this E-book giveaway. With stories that are uplifting and full of hope, and heroes who strive for goodness and fight to save their worlds, Heroes and Swords will transport readers back to the glory of heroic fantasies, fabulous quests and characters full of charisma and courage.
If you want to learn more about Noblebright Fantasy follow our upcoming Blog Tour for more great posts, author interviews and sneak peaks:

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