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One to See Me by Alicia Maxwell - Guest Blogger Book Review

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Emmeline Weiss is facing the most important day of her life. The stakes are high: her high-powered, high-society life in Chicago could come crumbling down around her. But if it did, would she be in a free fall, or would she be free? In a time like this, Emmeline knows she needs to sort enemies from friends—and quickly—but who can she trust? And what if trust has more than ONE definition?

As her life dismantles into dark questions and darker answers, the last thing Emmeline expects is for passion and chemistry, physical need and wild sex, to take over. For the first time, with this sexy stranger, Emmeline feels seen.

But maybe it’s because someone is watching…

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Jennifer's Review
Oh my gosh! What a wonderful book. 
It picks up from the last one, and Emily is back in Chicago confronting her father. He refuses to believe her and ends up in the hospital. Emily leaves for Miami, where she plans to stay. She is followed by her ex-husband, but is protected by Vic, a friend of her new boyfriend, Alex. 
They talk, and Emily learns what Vic is and what he does.
Soon, someone shows up at her door. Who is it? You will have to read on. 
What is Vic’s and Alex’s relationship? Why does Alex trust Vic so much to protect Emily? Who was the person spying on her from her balcony in the first book? You have to read this amazing book to find out. 
I give it 5 stars. It has a wonderful ending! I truly loved this book!

Author Bio
Alicia Maxwell has been an avid reader her whole life. Through the years, she’s enjoyed many genres and authors, from classics, like War and Peace, to modern-day romances. Her latest passion is writing.
As a resident of South Florida, she finds inspiration in the fast-paced, urban lifestyle, proximity to the ocean, and the year-round warm weather. Her days are filled with reading, writing, and caring for her family—two children, and a husband, who also happens to be her biggest supporter and best friend.
Her two-book literary debut will be self-published in 2017. Look for them, read them, and leave a review. Your feedback and opinions matter and are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to each and every one of you!

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