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Single Rider by Skye Leah Collett - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Single Rider
by Skye Leah Collett
Contemporary Women's Fiction

This is a story about a woman named Kenzie. A woman who knows what she
wants and likes things just the way they are, thank you very much. 

This is also a story about a man named Max. Max can be a real pain in the ass. 

And finally, this is a story about Dash, ex-husband extraordinaire, who
likes to get down to the Scissor Sisters and parties a little too much. 
And Katie, the best friend who parties far too much and can expertly
defend herself against sexual harassment accusations. 
And Claudia, sister, mother and head of the school parent’s
association, long time tea drinker. The chalk to Kenzie’s cheese. 
And Michael, the one that got away. 

"I don't think so Kenz." he said, no grimace or frown, just a serious look on his face, parental almost. Condescending was another word that came to mind.
'Oh, ok, no worries." she laughed to cover her embarrassment but she knew her face looked as if she had just played the 50-minute game of soccer in the sun instead of her niece.
"Ok well see you round." she shook her arm from where he still grasped her and started for the car, pretty sure she was walking weird, knowing she was. There was something distinctly duck like about her walk, dear god she was waddling. Yep definitely a waddle. What the hell was wrong with her?
"Kenzie wait." he followed her.
Even if she ran she wouldn't be able to lose him, especially now that she had the speed and agility of Huey, Dewey and Louie combined, or maybe it was just Donald, who would be the most uncoordinated out of the four she pondered to herself idiotically.
She stopped, not sure what he was going to say but wishing the ground would swallow her up, grateful her family hadn't overheard her be shot down so brutally, when she didn't even want to hang out with this with this guy, well at least she didn't think she did 5 minutes ago.
Oh god, she thought, Dash witnessing this would be even worse, she could imagine how much he would torture her.

(The one in the hat!)

First time author of Single Rider, Skye Leah Collett refuses to concede that her debut novel is in any way Autobiographical.
Her ex-husband doesn't  buy it.
He won’t shut up about the  similarities between himself and the vibrantly likeable supporting
character Dash. Unrelenting in his co
nviction that the imagined fellows resemblance is as unsubtle as the nose on his handsome face, he’s adamantly staked a claim in sharing any
perceived future celebrity entitlements. H
e is also one of this author's  biggest fans.

Sydney born but a devoted Brisbane girl for almost three decades,
  stories centre on the  lives  and relationships of individuals  living in modern suburban
Australia. Their friendships, their
increasingly  overbearing families and of course their lovers.

Her  father's dedication  to waffling, unapologetically long winded stories is a treasured family trait passed on through generations and Skye’s rich,  colourful characters are painstakingly crafted to become people you wished you knew and become reluctant to farewell.
Skye  spends an unseemly indulgent  amount of time pinching herself as a reminder that she is indeed awake and very much a person who finished writing a novel.
She’d adore hearing from anyone who feels inclined to make the effort or
just wants to say hey

Skye Leah Collett can be reached anytime
  her many varied social media locations!

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