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Storm Child by Melanie Mason - Book Tour + Giveaway

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16-year-old Eridale Storm must leave the only home she’s ever known and brave the dangers of the unknown wilds to escape capture by Imperial soldiers.
The only safe place is with her mother, who abandoned her to lead the freedom movement when Eridale was just a child. On her journey, Eridale learns that she holds a key role in the confilct between the Empire and the Freedom Fighters. Her choices could lead the people back to freedom or shackle them under the imperial throne forever.
Can Eridale face the heritage that will define the rest of her life?

Melanie is an author, designer, photographer, and flight attendant all rolled into one. She has told stories all her life and finds her passion in sharing the plots that spin through her head. She now lives in Portland, Oregon, with her two dachshund-chihuahua dogs. She loves the beauty of the Pacific Northwest that feeds her imagination.

When no one is listening, Melanie loves to belt Broadway songs in her living room and car. Someday she hopes to be on a flight where someone is reading her book.

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Snippet 2

I hold my breath as the woman stares at her screen. I can’t read the words on the screen, but the light near her head remains red. My heart pounds in my chest. Will she stop Leahli? Will the Opprimere come and take her away? The light turns green, and the metal bar swings open. I motion Leahli into the crowd. She needs to get away from the gate before any soldiers appear.
The metal bar blocks me from following her. I try not to fidget as the narrow green light moves down my body. A beep sounds to my right.
“Eridale Storm.” The monotone voice spits out my name unemotionally.
A hush sweeps across the crowd, and every pair of eyes in the immediate vicinity turns toward me. The muscles in my jaw tighten, and my gaze meets with Leahli’s. With a nod she blends with the people on the other side of the gateway. The woman at the computer stares at me, her eyes wide and her mouth open. My heart jumps into my throat. Even the guards start to notice the unnatural silence.

Snippet 3

My senses snap into high alert, and my training on the course kicks in in. I step back from the opening and draw my bow, taking stock of my surroundings. I use the structure of the rocks to protect me. My guards are nowhere to be seen in the opening or the passageway we just traversed.
I start back toward the main cavern, keeping alert to every movement and sound I hear. Once in the passage, I find the inert body of one of my guards and pray he isn’t dead. I step closer but the whooshing of a dart forces me back. It strikes the wall next to me. I wave my hand out, and another dart hits the wall, giving me the general direction of the shooter. I dash across the passage to another opening and run as silently as possible down the short passageway.
The sound of heavier footsteps follows behind me, and I duck into a side cavern. My pursuer stops, and I ready my bow. If we have a face-off, I want to be sure I hit him with an arrow before I fall to another dart.

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