The Diary of St. Blair - Book 3

St. Blair: Children of the Night trilogy

by EW Skinner

Genre: YA Supernatural



The 3rd in a series, (Book 1 - St. Blair: Children of the Night and Book 2 - St.
Blair: Sybille's Reign) this installment opens with an introduction by Sybille
Malone, the beneficiary of Blair Carlisle's diary in the year 2203.

Blair is a devoted Catholic girl who altar serves, attends public school and soon
realizes she is a liaison for the supernatural. In her openness to the mysteries of
faith, she soon finds herself a magnet for angels, saints and otherworld entities.

It is through the twists of Blair questioning her earthly purpose, extolling her love
of family and journaling about encounters with St. Michael the Archangel, that
we begin to understand her God-Flashes into a future she'll never see.

We discover, as Blair's spiritual director Sister Jo does, why God might call her
the most unlikely person to save the world.

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Diary of St. Blair

First publication 9/14/2204

by Sybille Malone Cote

This is my first written work as well as our world’s first published manuscript since the abolition of all books in 2100.
Before you start reading her diary, I’d like to share a little bit about my friend, a heavenly saint named Blair Carlisle.
As you read her diary entries, remember she only wanted to be a teenager first and foremost and to spend time with her friends. Blair was gifted with wisdom, insight, inner acceptance and the ability to see and communicate supernaturally.
She was, like many of us, resistant to share her talents, not knowing for certain if these gifts would  ndeed benefit others.
This frustrated the Archangel Michael, because she kept him waiting. Waiting until she was ready to write down the visions for my benefit.
Michael's patience was in short supply.
Being THE warrior angel, he had divine messages to deliver, people to protect, events to orchestrate and demons to slay. But he also understood that teenagers are often chosen and need time to develop into the great saints they are destined to be.
I have learned that Blair, like Joseph – who was sold into slavery, Miriam – who instigated her baby brother Moses’ protection, Moses himself – who eventually led Israel out of slavery, David – who fought Goliath, and Mary – who divinely carried the child Jesus, were predestined as young people to protect others and advance the faith.

Author Bio:


E.W. (Emily Williams) Skinner named her YA series for her second daughter,
Blair. Skinner came up with the idea of naming books after her children when
she was 15. She’s not sure why she came up with the idea.

A devoted Catholic, Skinner released the ebook version of Book One “St. Blair:
Children of the Night” on All Saints Day 11/1/13.

When Skinner isn’t working as a marketing consultant or writing, she enjoys
traveling and producing short films. Skinner is the proud Executive Producer of
Blair Skinner’s films “Relative Eternity” and “Eleanora, The Forgotten Princess,” as well as her daughter Marquel Skinner’s web

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Instagram / emilyauthor


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