Edric Kensington promised himself that he would never be close to anyone outside of his family. Ellie Kent promised herself that she would always do what she thought was right no matter what. Cassie Kent promised herself that she would never date a married man. Sometimes promises get broken. Sometimes feelings get hurt. Sometimes friendships collapse. Sometimes standards slip. And yet, sometimes people overcome their flaws and find love.

A Sibling’s Dilemma is a contemporary romance novel that revolves around two sisters: Cassie and Ellie Kent. Cassie is a private detective and Ellie is a recent college graduate. Cassie is hired by Charlie Logan, the CEO of a company specializing in virtual reality games, to spy on Charlie’s greatest professional rival—Edric Kensington. This is no easy task--Edric Kensington is known for being as cold and guarded as he is handsome. To successfully infiltrate Edric’s company, Cassie needs to have an insider work there. Her shy-and-sweet sister, Ellie, is the perfect fit. When Ellie first works for Edric’s company, she is afraid of the cold and aloof CEO, but, over time, she develops romantic feelings for him, just like Cassie develops feelings for Charlie Logan. The two sisters become torn between their friendship with each other and the feelings that they harbor for the handsome CEOs who have stolen their hearts.

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Jennifer's Review
A Sibling’s Dilemma is a good book that I really liked. 
It’s about a girl named Cassie, a private detective who is hired by a guy named Edric. He says he will pay her  a huge sum of money if she can find his little brother. She does, gets paid, and after he asks her to help him investigate someone he thinks is stealing his ideas, she recruits her younger sister, Ellie, to work for him. 
Ellie falls in love with Edric and soon stops helping her sister spy on him. Meanwhile, Cassie investigates a guy named Charlie, who she knows works for a company called Virttrek. She soon falls for him and agrees to steal Edric’s ideas for a virtual reality game/headset. Ellie finds out, and in order to protect her sister, she admits she’s the mole. 
After getting yelled at, she leaves and is on her way home when she gets beat up so bad she’s hospitalized. When Edric finds out that Cassie is the mole and Ellie is in the hospital, he feels so bad he gets back with her. 
The three of them hatch a plan to get Charlie in trouble and Cassie records their conservation. What happens next? We never know, because the recording ends with Cassie saying Cassie out. The End. 
I want to know what happens next, but that’s up to the author. Does Charlie get in trouble? Does his company get shut down? What happens to Ellie, Cassie, Edric, and Violet and Owen? 
5 stars for this book.

Author Bio
Molly V. Lovell is a law student at William and Mary by day, novelist by night. Her hobbies include writing (obviously), painting, looking at cute puppies, and reading books about political theory, a subject that Molly has a Master’s Degree in. Molly was born and raised in Amesbury, Massachusetts, by her two amazing parents and she now lives in Hyattsville, Maryland, with her loving husband.

            Twitter: @MollyVLovell
            Instagram: @Mollsie18