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Black Friday Deals by Various Authors - Book Blitz/Sale Blitz

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Carnage: The Story of Us By Lesley Jones
Full Hearts Box Set By MJ Summers
Uncharted By Claudia Burgoa

Larkins Letters By Jax Jillian

Leather and Lace By Maggie Adams

Marigny Street By Anne Rose Welch
Laying A Foundation By Deanndra Hall
The Return By Anne L. Parks


Chasing Roy G. BIV By Grace Templeton
The Royal Treatment By Melanie Summers
Heaven Sent By Tania Sparks

           Ella Dominguez

Continental Breakfast                                    Grace Street                                         Submission

(Continental Affair, Book 1)     (Chapter 8, #1 )                                 (Art of D/s Rewritten, Book One) Amazon                                                     Amazon                                                          Amazon

Second Chances By T.M. Franklin 
Maybe Baby: Special Edition By Kim Golden
Enthrall By Vanessa Fewings
Hazel Darling Sweetest Sister By Annie Rose Welch

Return to Newport By Anne L. Parks
EKLYPSE By Ionie & Karlene Pitters
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