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Chosen by R.S. Broadhead - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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R.S. Broadhead
(The Urban Legends Series)
Publication date: October 24th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Supernatural, Thriller
Black eyes. No emotion. No sympathy. Only emptiness.
Piper McAdams’s life was normal. Career? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Friends? Check. One unsettling run in with a homeless man turns everything from normal to terrifying. She begins seeing…things.
Things she can’t seem to explain or make any sense.
As if things aren’t already getting out of hand, Piper receives news that the only family member she has is dead. She thinks maybe a trip across the country to her hometown will get her away from all the strange events happening.
After a late night accident, Piper isn’t in her hometown burying her loved one. She’s in a town called Hell. All she wants to do is leave, but the people seem to be holding her there for some reason.
A reason she feels threatens her life. Around every corner things become darker and scarier.
Can she escape what is coming for her?

My Review
Chosen is one of those books that grabs you and sucks you right on in...down into the depths of Hell.

This was my first book by R.S. Broadhead, and after reading Chosen, I'm definitely going to have to read more of her stuff. I am definitely a new fan.

Chosen tells the story of a young woman named Piper. Piper thinks she finally has her life in check after a terrible childhood. Unfortunately for Piper, she's dead wrong. Not only has she started seeing some strange things, her only living relative has also passed away.

It's this news that sets off a horrific chain of events that will forever change Piper's life. As if she hasn't suffered enough already...

I really enjoyed the eeriness and creepiness of Chosen. I like to read at night while in bed, and this story definitely sent my anxiety through the roof. I had to use my book light as an extra source of comfort, just so I wouldn't freak myself out too much. lol

Piper is a likeable enough character. You sort if feel bad for her because of all the crap she's had to deal with. And after her grandfather passes, she ends up in Hell. And by Hell, I mean a town called Hell, not actual Hell. Although...

There are a few other characters in the story that you're a bit on the fence about. They seem like decent people, but are they? It's hard trying to figure out who to trust in this book, that's for sure.

The plot moves along at a steady pace, ramping up the fear and anxiety slowly but surely. You'll find yourself dreading what might come next, while at the same time eager to know what will happen. It definitely takes you on a ride.

There was only one scene that sort of confused me, and I was a little disappointed by how it turned out. But, to be fair, that was my own high hopes being dashed. Nothing against the writing, or the way the author planned for it to go.

Overall, a really good, spooky read. Perfect for Halloween. I'd recommend it. I give Chosen 4.5 stars. Check it out! 

Author Bio:
R. S. Broadhead lives in Jackson, Alabama with her husband of ten years, their two little girls, and a pug named Wednesday Love the Duchess, or Winnie for short. She has a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in business administration. She loves to snowboard, travel (Australia is her favorite place so far), and dance (not professionally, just whenever she feels like it). When she was sixteen-years-old, her and her friends would take pictures and make up funny stories about them. Fourteen years later, UNVEILED was born. UNVEILED, her first novel, is the first book in a four book series.


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