Thursday, November 23, 2017

Deliverance by Kristy Centeno - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

By Kristy Centeno
Paranormal, New Adult

He’s been locked away his entire life.
He dreams of freedom.
The only way he can accomplish his goals is by breaking free of the
chains tying him to a dark past and gloomy existence. But there’s
one catch. He’s not human.
And he’s never set foot outside his jail.
Devoted to saving his peers as well as his own life, he sets out to find the
one person that can help him achieve his objectives. He knows where
she will be and what she will look like, but what he doesn’t
anticipate is the fact he finds himself caring for the girl whose
life he’s put at risk, more and more each day.
He has no name.
He has only known hatred and violence before her.
However, she will teach him to have faith in humanity, even if she can’t trust him.
Together they will embark on a journey to bring down a corrupt system
responsible for the loss of many innocent lives. But when he finds
his feelings compromised, can he still move on knowing that doing so
will put an end to the life she once knew? How far is he willing to
go to be free?

Deliverance is one of those books that sounds intriguing, and once you start reading it, you realize it does, in fact, live up to said intrigue. It's an interesting new take on vampires and werewolves, at least for me, although it does have a very, very small hint of Twilight about it. That's just how I viewed it, though.
 I don't really want to spoil things, as the book blurb is vague on purpose, so I'll try to keep my review a bit vague, too.
You have your main male character, who has an odd name and a bit of a sad backstory. You also have your main female character, who can be frustrating at times, but when you read the story, you'll understand why. There are also secondary characters, and most of them have secrets of their own. Like Kristina's grandma. She was a very interesting character. I really liked her. And on the other end of the spectrum is Gerard, who is a very unlikable character.

The plot moves along at a nice pace, keeping the reader engaged and curious as to what might happen next. It's pretty crazy at times, but in a good way. I thoroughly enjoyed being swept away on this wild ride, and I'd highly recommend other readers let themselves get swept away as well. 

I'd give Deliverance 4.5 stars. It's really good, and I think fans of Twilight, or paranormal stories in general, will enjoy it. Definitely check it out.

Kristy Centeno is the author of the Secrets of the Moon saga and Keeper Witches series.
She has always had a passion for books and after years of being an avid
reader, she decided to transform her desire to write into a reality
and thus, her first novel was born. When she’s not busy taking care
of her five children or holding down the fort, she finds time to sit
and do what she loves the most: writing.

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  1. This book is "my cup of tea", looking forward to reading it!


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