Monday, November 27, 2017

Hollywood Hang Ten by Eve Goldberg - Guest Blogger Book Review

Los Angeles, 1963. John F. Kennedy is President, and Jan & Dean’s “Surf City” is at the top of the charts.

Ryan Zorn, a 23-year-old Venice Beach surfer working in his uncle’s detective agency, lands his first solo case when a divorced mother with plenty to hide hires him to find her missing son. The investigation turns into a case of blackmail and murder as Ryan is drawn deep into Hollywood’s hidden past — a past that involves the anti-Communist witch-hunts of the 1950s, and closeted gay stars.

From the decaying piers of Santa Monica bay, to the posh mansions of Beverly Hills, to a mysterious rustic retreat, Ryan navigates a city on the brink of change. The conservative era of blacklisting and conformity is in its dying days, and a new culture of experimentation and openness is just emerging. To solve the case, Ryan must confront his own personal demons, preconceptions, and homophobia as he untangles a deadly web of behind-the-scenes movie secrets

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Jennifer's Review
It’s a really good book. I really enjoyed reading it. 
It’s about a young man named Ryan, who is a Private Investigator working alone because his uncle is in the hospital. He is working on a case of blackmail. The case is about some photos that someone took of two people, and this guy named Sutton wants the evidence for himself. The guy who took the photos is a bad guy. 
Why did he take the photos? Who was behind them? Does Ryan solve his case? 
This book is a great mystery, and I really like it. 
4 stars.    

Author Bio
Eve Goldberg was born in Los Angeles, California, and current resides in Northern California. Her mystery novel, Hollywood Hang Ten, has recently been published by Thistle Publishing.

Eve's essays have appeared in American Popular Culture, The Reading Room, Hippocampus, The Rumpus, and The Gay & Lesbian Review. She is the co-screenwriter of the Emmy-nominated PBS documentary Legacy of the Hollywood Blacklist, and the screenwriter of the award-winning documentary Cover-Up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair. 

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