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January by Claudia Vincetti - Book Blitz

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Releasing Nov 22
🔥January 🔥
By Claudia Vincetti

There is nothing ordinary about Rayan Soloman. On the pin-up calendar, he is January.
He is one of those incendiary hot; please don’t stop—faster; deeper; faster her pleasure is
paramount kind of males—there’s no other word for him he’s ‘raw pleasure’; Within moments
of Rayan throwing his delicious heat against the slick witted yet impulsive Fia; he has her
pinned down, takes her body and never gives it back.
This tall, green-eyed stranger who makes love like a wildfire, in actuality is a dark son of
espionage, an unorthodox man from the shadows—so different from the woman he’s
His words, “I’m about to make you scream instructions so loud that the neighbors will know just
where and what you want me to lick,” both excite and challenge the bouncy, bubbly Fia.
Desperate to spend a thousand hours that grow into a lifetime with him, she tries to use her
soft, feminine power to influence his all but buried heart. Frustratingly, all she seems to do is
get closer and closer to losing him, first, to another woman who has a precious reason to take
him from Fia; then, to the scars of conflict. Along the way, she courts peril by jeopardizing her
own life.
If January was yours would you want to know the truth? Or would you love him for who he is
when he is with you—how, he makes you feel?

Author’s Bio:
Hi there, my name is Claudia.
I am a wife, a mother and an imaginist. I love to travel and have lived the world over. Because
of this, the characters in my books live out their pain; their crimes; their fantasies; and their
sensual eccentricities in the many corners of our planet.

‘Rayan Soloman, you wreck the trivial ordinariness that plagues my waking hours; that is a good
thing. Then at night you march into my dreams and give me your all, and that’s compelling proof
heaven exists, that’s the best. But, why do you diminish my joy by rising in the morning and leaving me, just to risk your precious life by playing shadowy espionage in wretched grubby war zones? That stinks.’

The first book in my pin-up series THE MEN OF HARD is called JANUARY Rayan and his
woman—FIRE, Fia Evans. I hope you enjoy their story; it’s a little bit of fun I played around with
in between being a slightly-glam- house-mom and care-for- all.

Please be aware that JANUARY is an Erotic Romance with a little humor thrown in; it is still very
much an Adult Read.

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