TITLE: Primrose and Brimstone

RELEASE DATE: October 2017

AUTHOR: Jason Mueller

KEYWORDS: horror, splatter punk, scary, dark fantasy, sex, blood/gore, halloween

CATEGORIES: Horror/Dark Fantasy

SYNOPSIS: Primrose and Brimstone is an anthology of twenty-four stories including eight new stories with the addition of the sixteen stories from previous releases Darkness Apart and Thoughts of Hell. These stories range from the monsters under your bed to the monsters who live next door. Each story is a little piece of something you aren’t sure exists, but worry that it just might be out there or is it all in our heads.

 It’s probably just in your head. Take a walk with me through the Primrose and Brimstone.

ONE LINER: It’s probably just in your head. Take a walk with me through the Primrose and Brimstone.


ISBN: 978-1974683215

IMPRINT: Dark Serpent

My Review
  Primrose and Brimstone is a collection of short horror stories by Jason Mueller. I absolutely love horror stories, especially short ones, but for me, this collection fell a little flat.

There were a couple of stories that felt a little rushed; I would have liked a little more out of them. Like the one with the couple of the deck being watched by a creature in the woods. I liked that story, but I would have liked a little bit more to it. Even just another page or two would have made it even better.

There were also a couple of stories that I felt dragged on a little too long. I felt bogged down by them, and I lost interest before finishing them. That was disappointing to me. I know not every story can be a hit, but I always feel let down when a story I'm excited about makes me lose interest.

I also had issues with the editing of the stories. There were so many run-on sentences, as well as grammatical mistakes, and even a couple of wrongly used words.

While I did finish the book, I can't say I was overly impressed by it. There were stories I liked, and stories I didn't, but for the most part, I was indifferent to a lot of it.

I rate Primrose and Brimstone 3 stars. 

AUTHOR BIO: Jason Mueller's closest friends call him Jake. As he is mostly a horror/supernatural writer, its yet to be seen if you want to get that close or not! Yes, he bites.

Jason studied for the ministry for several years before life took a giant swing at him, forcing him to change courses a bit. He's read the Bible, both Old and New Testaments more times than you would believe. But don’t worry he’s no choir boy, and his writing will take you closer to hell then you ever thought you could go without feeling the flames.
Jason escaped from Illinois when he was just about to enter his 20s and hasn't looked back. He currently resides in Indiana and has four children who are his entire world - two boys and twin girls.

Jason is currently working on various projects and hopes to keep you scared to go to sleep for years to come.
EMAIL: Jasonmueller1971@gmail.com

AUTHOR LINKS: http://www.facebook.com/jason.mueller.737, http://www.crookedmuse.com, https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6896870jason_mueller, https://twitter.com/jasonmueller71