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Special Delivery by Judi Lynn - Book Tour + Giveaway

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Special Delivery
Mill Pond #6
by Judi Lynn
Contemporary Romance

In Mill Pond, Indiana, neighbors always look out for each other. And
even though tourists are drawn to the small town’s charms, it’s
the locals who fill it with warmth . . .
Traveling nurse Karli Redding doesn’t have many fond memories of her aging
grandfather, Axel—or of Mill Pond. But with Axel’s health in
decline and Karli on a month’s hiatus between jobs, she volunteers
to set him up with the help he needs. The house and her grandfather
could both use some TLC. Good thing Keagan Monroe, the very
attractive mailman next door, is always ready to lend a hand…
Not a lot slips by a mailman, and Keagan appreciates Karli’s dogged
attempts to spruce up the neglected property. Painting, fixing the
sagging porch, delivering a constant stream of casseroles from caring
neighbors—he’ll help however he can, all while keeping his
feelings under wraps. A short-term fling just doesn’t fit into his
schedule. But with each passing day, Karli’s bond with the town
grows a little deeper. Has fate sent her exactly where she needs to
be? Karli’s willing to find out, and the first step is figuring out
the perfect route to Keagan’s heart…

Keagan’s ladder leaned against the roof of the front porch. When he
saw her, he called, “The paint’s already dry up here. If you bring me the
shutters you painted, I’ll put them up at the two windows.”
She gave him a thumbs-up and almost ran to the barn. He’d asked her,
not one of the others, to help him. She hurried to grab a pair of shutters.
When she got back, he’d come down for them and jammed a screwdriver
and screws in his jeans pocket. Then he scurried up to the porch roof and
stood on that to work. Karli squirmed. The porch roof slanted downward
and didn’t look safe to her.
“Be careful,” she said.
He gave her a look. “I’ve been balancing on a ladder to paint the peaks all
day. I think I’ll survive this.”
She went to get the shutters for the second window and climbed a few
rungs to hand them to him. Once he’d finished installing them, he started
down. He’d reached the ground when Karli noticed someone’s paint
brush lying on the roof. She scrambled up the ladder to reach it and then
carefully retraced her steps. Before she reached the bottom, though, two
strong hands lifted her and set her on the ground. Keagan’s touch sent
heat through her fleece hoodie.
She turned and found herself toe to toe with him. His solid chest was
eye level. She looked up at his strong jawline, his lips. She sucked in her
breath and tilted her head, staring up into his cobalt-blue eyes. She could
smell his scent—clean and manly. His gaze burned with intensity. Her
lips parted. One more inch and she’d be pressing against him…

Judi Lynn  received a Master’s Degree from Indiana University as an elementary
school teacher after attending the IPFW campus.  She taught 1st,
2nd, and 4th grades for six years before having her two daughters.
She loves gardening, cooking and trying new recipes.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my book! It makes me sad to see beautiful, old houses neglected and fall into disrepair. In this book, I can remedy that. Karli and Keagan breathe new life into an old farmhouse.


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