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Hinder by Kristin Ping - Book Tour & Review + Giveaway

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Kristin Ping
(Guardian of Monsters #1)
Publication date: May 15th 2018
Genres: Fantasy, New Adult, Paranormal
Ethan Sutcliff seems like a normal seventeen-year-old—at least that’s what he’s trying to portray. In a secret society run by the Supernaturals, Ethan is what witches call a Bender. Benders are Witches’ Guardians, who are able to control a witches’ ability, bend it, or move it away from harming humans. In Ethan’s case, he is able to bend the Earth element. But at the age of fifteen, he lost all connection to it, and the reasons behind it could only mean one of two things: His Wielder is either dead, or hiding out somewhere.
Alex Burgendorf has been living in her aunt’s locket for the past sixteen years with her mother—a Fire Wielder, and her father—a Water Wielder. For sixteen years, her parents vowed to protect her, and they have, as she is the last Earth wielding witch. However, time is running out. Alex must find her Bender, or the fate of the Supernaturals might be at stake.

My Review
Hinder is the first book in the Guardian of Monsters series by Kristin Ping. 

Hinder is about a teenage boy named Ethan. Ethan is a Bender, someone who works with witches to control their ability. Ethan's witch is named Alex, although they don't know they belong together right away. They both have Earth powers, as witches and Benders focus on one element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

However, Earth Benders and witches are almost extinct, so both Ethan and Alex are at risk of being hunted down and murdered if they're discovered by the Necrocretors. Those are the bad guys, but there's so much more to them than just simple villains.

Hinder is an interesting novel. It definitely kept me intrigued, although there were times where I was a bit iffy on the dialogue. It came across as a little cheesy in spots. I mean, I know teenagers tend to have their own way of speaking sometimes, but there were times it was a bit too much for me to handle. I also found it slightly annoying that Ethan kept calling girls by different animal names (fox, ugly duckling, etc). I know that can be a typical teenage boy thing, but it irked me. 

The plot moves along pretty decently, although there were some scenes where it did drag a little, at least for me. It wasn't too bad, though, and I powered through it. The last...20% or so of the book really flew by, though, probably because there was a lot going on that kept my attention focused solely on that.

Character-wise, Ethan comes off as a jerk sometimes. His girlfriend is also kind of snotty, too, but she is one of those "pretty, popular cheerleader types" or however you wanna view her. Those girls tend to be a bit nasty. And Alex, she's pretty likeable. I wasn't super keen on her at times, but she's not a bad character.

Overall, Hinder is a pretty good read. I enjoyed it, and it made me curious to know what might happen next. I'd be game for continuing with the series. 

If you like witches and magic, and action and romance, give Hinder a whirl. You just might like it.

I give it 4 stars. 

Author Bio:
Kristin resides in South Africa with her husband, two beautiful girls and two bulldogs that tries to eat her house.

She has been writing for the past eight years and her first debut novel, Hinder: A Bender’s novel will be published 2018 by Fire Quill Publishing.
When she isn’t writing, she is spending her time with her family, or trying to teach her two bulldogs to not eat her house. You can find more about Kristin at


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