Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My Own St. Nicholas by Sarah Richardson - Book Blitz + Giveaway

"Sarah-with-an-H Richardson is an introverted people
person who likes to make people laugh. She is the youngest daughter in a large
family and loves being an aunt to 50 children.
She grew up running, exploring, and adventuring in the wild
forests of Missouri, that will always hold a special place in her heart.

Sarah-with-an-H is a multi-faceted human being, who has as
much dark side as she has light (pun intended), and is nerdy, ridiculous, but a
sincere, real human. One of her favorite quotes is: ""To be human is
to be beautifully flawed"".

She is married, and she and her husband live in the country
in North-West Missouri with three fur babies."

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A handsome but perplexing stranger. A charming and
attractive gentleman. Vyetta Redd must learn to navigate the unknown terrain of
love and heartbreak before finding her fantasy of happily ever after.

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I danced for two songs straight before I needed to get some
air. I moved to the courtyard just outside the ballroom and watched my breath
leave my panting throat in white puffs. I breathed deeply through my nose as I
surveyed the lighted garden path, almost tempted to sally forth.
     “Are you warm
     The deep, almost
cynical voice startled me. I turned to find a handsome gentleman sitting on the
bench by the wall to my right. I wondered how I missed him when I came out.
     “I am perfect,
thank you,” I replied.
     He smiled at me
as if he doubted my sincerity. I curved my brow at him in defiance and
     “Perhaps you
would honor me with a dance?” He stood and proffered his arm. “Or does
perfection dare to stoop so low?”
     I had no idea
what this man was talking about but I heard the conductor announce my favorite
song, so I laid my arm on his and turned toward the ballroom. He seemed almost
surprised that I had accepted and hastened to keep up with me.

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