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The Vixen's Lead by Tate James - Book Tour + Giveaway

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The Vixen’s Lead
Tate James
(Kit Davenport, #1)
Publication date: September 19th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance
I want vengeance so badly that I can almost taste it. It’s all I’ve ever wanted. So, I did what any privileged, adopted boarding school girl would do. I slapped on a secret identity and became an internationally renowned thief, known as The Fox. Nobody knows me. Nobody can catch me.
Or so I thought…
It turns out; I have what they want. Special abilities. And trust me, these abilities are coveted–and dangerous. Now, I don’t know who to trust or where to go. Peril lurks on every corner as I try to uncover my past and origin. Teaming up with unlikely allies may be my only chance at survival or my biggest mistake. Only time will tell.
I’m Kit Davenport and this is only the beginning.

“Kit, I’d like you to meet Caleb and Austin King. They are new students here this year, and as they’re already a few days late starting, I would like them to get their bearings this afternoon so they can catch up on classes tomorrow. I trust you will show them everything they need to know.” This last sentence was delivered with a stern note of warning in his voice that told me not to fuck around.
I gave him my best butter-wouldn’t-melt smile, then my jaw almost hit the goddamn floor when the new students in question stood, then turned to face me. Identical twins in every way I could currently see, Caleb and Austin King were easily the most mouth-wateringly handsome men I had seen in a long time. Actually, ever. Who was I kidding? Cascade Falls was a very small town, and they definitely did not grow them like this around here. Over six feet tall with dark hair, longer on top and shaved up the sides, and builds more suited to firefighters or Navy Seals or other equally sexy occupations.
They definitely did not look at all like high school seniors. I fought my way back from my perusal and cleared my throat a couple of times before I felt confident enough to speak.
In the meanwhile, one of them watched me with an amused, emerald green gaze, and the other just looked bored and a bit pissed off. Giving myself a minute to gather my scattered thoughts, I instead turned back to the portly administrator with a bright smile in place.
“Sure thing, Mr. Spotswood. Do you have a copy of their schedules so I can point out the right classrooms?” Spotswood raised his eyebrows, looking surprised at my helpful suggestion, but held out a slip of paper to me that made me lean past the twins to accept. Being in such close proximity to two such good-looking guys was making my skin tingle, so I politely nodded to the Headmaster and gave the new students a small, tight smile before leading them out of the office.
As we passed the pursed face of the Headmaster’s secretary, I attempted to break the ice and clarify their names, as I was likely to get them mixed up if I left it any longer.
“So, Austin,” I said to the twin who looked less bored and annoyed, hoping I had remembered who was who. “Where did you guys move from?”
“Caleb,” he corrected, giving me a lopsided grin, and I made a quick mental note that Caleb was the friendly one. “And we come from all over. Here and there, you might say.”
My face flushed with heat under his intense gaze and I broke eye contact, starting swiftly down the hallway and hoping they followed. One of the twins released an appreciative hum. Walking ahead of them was giving them a prime view of my ass, and all of a sudden my skirt seemed way too short. Or not short enough. I was undecided. Either way, my imagination could feel their gazes on my derrière like laser beams. Taking a deep breath, I straightened and pasted on my most polite and welcoming mask as we approached the first set of classrooms.

Author Bio:
Tate James was born and raised in the Land of the Long White Cloud (New Zealand) but now lives in Australia with her husband, baby and furbaby.

She is a lover of books, red wine, cats and coffee and is not a morning person. She is a bit too sarcastic and swears too much for polite society and definitely tells too many dirty jokes.


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