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Dark Water by Simon Thould - Guest Blogger Book Review

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A girl goes missing – but has she been lost, or taken? Her frantic mother begs for help from the one man with the ruthless skills to track her down. Alex Rafter, former sniper, sees Madeleine Finch as a bad, erratic mother, and is reluctant to go back to a life he is trying to forget. But his own nightmares compel him to search, for the girl's sake.

Rafter embarks on a murderous hunt, aided by Gabriel Montero, another former soldier, that leads through the wilds of the New Forest to the squalid back streets of Southampton. Rebecca Grant, local veterinary, drug addict and would-be lover, offers help, but her own agenda threatens to send Rafter astray. It becomes a race against time to find the girl before she is lost forever to the heartless world of people traffickers.

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Jennifer's Review

It’s a great book that I really enjoyed reading and could not put it down. 
It’s about a young man named Rafter who is asked by a woman named Madeline Finch to find her daughter, Jac. Rafter agrees to search for the girl, finds trouble along the way, but soon has “friends” to help him by giving him information. 
He soon learns where Jac is, and he gets help from Hell’s Angels when he is ready to get his job over with. 
Where is Jac? Who has her? What happens when he tries to find her? Does he succeed? Is she alive? You got to read this book; it’s too exciting to put down till you learn the answers. 
5 stars!

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