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Chasing the Coven by N. Nieto & J.T. Lozano - Cover Reveal

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★††† COVER REVEAL †††★
Authors; N. Nieto and J.T. Lozano
Release Day April 5th, 2018
Cover Design by Black Ribbon Press
Publisher: Black Ribbon Press
The Coven is not something you want to mess with, but neither is Aurora Marino. When The Coven kills her mother right in front of her, Aurora vows to get revenge on each and every person involved.
On her 25th birthday when her full power ascends she starts her mission to destroy The Coven, but what happens when destroying something means ending the person you love the most? Can Aurora defeat The Coven and still keep her true love or will what she has to do be too much for him to stand by and watch?

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