Memories of Chronosalis
by Ceara Comeau

SciFi Fantasy

It’s one thing to read about heroes saving worlds in far off galaxies,
but to become one is an entirely different story. Sixteen-year-old
Amber Oak wanted nothing more than to stay in her own world of music
and solitude. But the inhabitants of Galaseya, a Utopian planet
rooted in the past, had other ideas in mind. According to them, only
she wielded the power to stop the dark forces threatening their home.
At first, Amber sympathized with the planet, but saw no reason to
involve herself in the affairs of something outside her world. But
the stakes have risen when she discovers that Galaseya is not only
the world that has been invading her dreams, but also the place her
estranged family originated from. With this new knowledge, questions
began to surface and secrets of Amber’s life come to light causing
her to second guess everything she knows.

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            “We need to go home. It’s not safe here anymore, the Brothers will only be held back for so long before they find a way to us,” he said as he stopped to pull back the drawn curtain and peer out the window.
            Amber heard some muttering coming from the other end of the phone, and the voice sounded male, but she couldn’t make out any words. Chris interrupted the person as he said hurriedly, “No, I don’t know what they’re planning, but I’d rather not stay around to find out. Please, she’d be safer in Galaseya.”
            The voice on the other end responded, as Chris’ pace quickened with every second. His brow furrowed as his expression grew serious. When he spoke, his tone flat, “What do you mean, what’s wrong?”
            Amber continued watching her brother go from determined to despair in a matter of seconds as he moved away from the window and plopped down on the couch. With his phone to his ear and his other arm resting on his knee cradling his head, he asked “How is this possible? We…I thought we got rid of her years ago!”
            Got rid of her? What kind of a family am I in? thought Amber as she adjusted her position. She waited for Chris’ back to turn before dashing toward the front door. Hoping to make more sense of the conversation, she stayed a while longer waiting for Chris to speak.
            “Well, this changes things,” continued Chris, trying to stifle his growing frustration, “Amber will eventually have to return home and probably sooner than we expected. Please, dad, you must do something. I don’t want her coming home to a bloodbath.”

I've been writing stories since I can remember. Stories, I thought, were
just for children my age and I did not think they would go far. At
fifteen years old, I was proven wrong. My parents took a look at my
stories and saw something in them that I could not see. They saw the
potential of a good book, or two! 

With my Dad as the editor and my Mom doing the formatting, we
self-published these books. I did not think anyone, other than my
family, would want to read the ramblings of a young teenager. When we
published "Amber Oak Mysteries Volume 1" and "Adventures
of the Young and Curious," I was fifteen years old, then the
unexpected happened. People would write to me and they told me how
much they loved my books.

During the time, when I was seventeen, I stopped writing. I lost faith in
myself and my ability to write. But , my mom suggested that we
publish my third book, for it had been sitting on the shelf for about
two years. She thought it would be good to get it out there, before I
started college. I did not see what harm it could do, so my third
book, "Amber Oak Mysteries Volume 2" was published. In 2012
I published "Amber Oak and the Missing Links". I went on to
publish "Amber Oak and the Master of Illusions". In 2015 I
published something different call "The Lost Journal of Erika
Traynor". These is currently available on,

Recently I realized I needed to go back and redo the original Amber Oak
Mystery series. It had potential, but I knew I could do better. It
will be different than the originals as it focuses more on science
fiction and fantasy rather than mystery. The title of the book is
"Memories of Chronosalis". 

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